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AMOREPACIFIC takes decisive action to develop cosmeceutical research utilizing stem cells conditioned media

R&D 2011-09-29

AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center (CTO Kang Hak Hee) Medical Beauty Institute signs Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ANTEROGEN in order to research and develop Cosmeceutical products utilizing stem cells conditioned media, at Daebang-dong Bukwang Pharma Building on September 9th 2011. 

According to the MOU, both parties will kick off the joint-research on cosmeceutical products associating the most advanced technology on conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells from ANTEROGEN with dermatologicl knowledge of AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center.

The conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells developed by ANTEROGEN contain anti-apoptotic factor inhibiting cell-aging and cell-extinction, and also cell growth factor regenerating skin cells fundamentally, so they are expected to be suitable for research on cosmeceutical products.

Also, it is proved from efficacy vericiatin test that if only small amount of conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells are added, the growth of skin cell and the ablity of collagen generation are prompted by more than 100%. Therefore, it seems to be positive to maximize the effectiveness of tissue regeneration obtained by conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells differentiated from existing functional products

Especially, ANTEROGEN’s stem cells are extracted from the proper adipose tissues with the strict standard on doners, and selected through safety test according to the KFDA’s standards. Also, conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells are produced through aseptic process in GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice) facility approved by pharmaceutical manufacturing operation, so that it is under the strict quality control.

AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center Medical Beauty Institute has researched on dermatological procedure and medical beauty products (cosmeceutical products, medicine and device), and with this MOU, it will take decisive action to step up development of cosmeceutical products for dermatological procedure utilizing conditioned media of adipose-derived stem cells.

ANTEROGEN has the distinctive know-how and accumulated technology on adipose-derived stem cells since its first research in Korea. It exported its original technology of stem cells to Europe in 2004 for the first time among Korean pharmaceutical company, and has been also proved it competitiveness as it signed a contract with Japan’s Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical to export its stem cell treatment technology in December 2010.