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AmorePacific sustainable management is acknowledged by the world!

Sustainability 2010-11-23

AmorePacific (CEO Kyung-bae Seo) was included in DJIS World for the first time in domestic beauty and health industry at the “Down Jones Sustainable Management in November 2010” evaluation, and at the same time, was selected as regional index “DJSI Asia/Pacific” and the national index “DJSI Korea” in the same area. 

Especially, AmorePacific has engraved its image as an uprising leader in beauty and health sector by being selected as a World Leader in the sector by beating the world renowned global competitors in personal products which are composed of cosmetics and living utilities. 

AmorePacific had earned improved evaluation grade in economy, environment and social sectors at this evaluation and the expanded achievement revelation regarding environmental and social areas through the sustainable report were the main factors of the company being included in DJSI World Index.  AmorePacific has created differentiated values with its sustainability and established sustainable management system in 2008 in order to implement sustainable management more systematically.  Also, the company set up the vision of “Most respected global beauty company in Asia by 2015,” as well as directional strategy and resulted in core tasks to achieve this. 

Based on the harmony of nature and human beings which is pursued by Asian Beauty Creator and is a corporate calling of AmorePacific, we carry out green growth through minimizing the influence on the nature by the product development and corporate activities and strengthen sustainability through coexistence of the nature and the company.  Also, through supply chain carbon management support, green purchase voluntary convention, and Beautiful Purchase which is AmorePacific’s fair trade effort, we will strive to win with the community and vendors. 

Dow Jones Sustainability Index Down Jones Sustainable Index is a global standard for comprehensively assess evaluations and sustainable management on environmental and social aspects as well as a company’s economic achievement. The index was developed by both world’s largest financial information provider Dow Jones Indexes of US and the leading global company on evaluation and investment, SAM of Switzerland in 1999. 

There are three areas of DJSI: DJSI World reported for leading 2,500 global companies (based on market cap of current assets), DJSI Asia/Pacific to evaluate 600 leading companies in Asia, and DJSI Korea for leading 200 companies in the country.

This evaluation started since last March and was calculated after the process of reviewing the internal information submitted by each company, analysis on outside information, research on media and stakeholders and verification by the third party.