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AmorePacific Steps Closer to Their Vision with ‘Finding Hidden Demand’

Company 2010-07-02

AmorePacific held a kick-off meeting for the year on January 4 with President Seo and 300 employees at the headquarters in Yongsan. The president announced ‘the management for 2010’ and awarded outstanding employees. They also made a promise to make this year another significant year for accomplishing the vision of the company to be ‘one of the top ten global companies in 2015’. 
▶▶ Management for 2010 - Finding potential demand
AmorePacific has made an effort to understand their customers’ needs through profound research. Like this, they will go all out to discover a new world of beauty called ‘Asian Beauty’ to bring happiness to their customers. 
Their management for 2010 is to find potential demand. More concretely, they will focus on strengthening retail and distribution as well as brand competency, and finding the potential demand in order to make this year significant for accomplishing their vision to be ‘one of top ten global companies in 2015’. 
They will resonate with the global community with brands filled with the AmorePacific spirit in order to equip themselves with the competence to create a leading global brand. In addition, they will strengthen their retail and distribution capacity by continually being transformed by the love for customers and the passion for Asian beauty, seeking the customers’ needs with an open mind. 
President Seo said at the New Year greeting message, “When I ask myself, ‘What is the purpose of our existence?’, I see that the answer is none other than our customers. We should first and foremost regard them. When we devote ourselves to their hearts, it becomes possible to create sustainable growth.” 
▶▶ Held an awards ceremony of outstanding employees 
In the kick-off meeting for the year 2010, AmorePacific also held an awards ceremony for excellent teams and employees from the past year. ‘ABC Grand Prizes’ went to ‘Mise en Scene PM’ and ‘Personal Care Research Team’ that developed an oriental herbal shampoo, which maximizes its usage and safety with customized treatment, and to ‘Oriental Herbal Cosmetics Research Team’ that developed ‘Sulhwasoo Jinseol Eye Cream’ and ‘Pearl Neck Cream,’ by taking advantage of high molecule micelle network emulsifying technology and to ‘Lotte GS Team’ that showed innovative sales growth. 
Also, the president awarded the Jangwon Prize to employees who made significant sales and the Master Prize and the Innovative Cost Prize to employees who contributed to improving quality competitiveness. In addition to these, he also presented the Design Award to those employees who increased AmorePacific’s brand value with excellent designs, the Technology Award to those who showed excellent research results, and plaques and prizes to the model employees who fulfilled the customer satisfaction principles during the last year.