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AmorePacific Science and Technology Advisory Committee launched

R&D 2010-11-23

AmorePacific (CEO Kyung-bae Seo) launches the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology consisting of professionals in each area to strengthen mid and long term researches in the beauty industry. AmorePacific Council of Advisors on Science and Technology will play a role as an advisor regarding the institute’s future strategy and technology by having 4 regular meetings a year for each area until June 2012. Also, the institute will implement various activities such as strengthening global networking of professional pool and building research cluster in the beauty industry. 

Among the four council of advisors of bio, herbal, cosmetics and beauty and health supplement, first, Bio Scientific Advisory Board will launch at AmorePacific Yong-in Technology Research Institute at 4:00 PM on 8th. AmorePacific will implement launching ceremony of the councils of other three sectors in the future. 

In the Bio Science and Technology Advisory launched on the 8th, Seo-gu Lee from Lee-wha university who once was selected as “No.1 National Scientist” appointed by the Committee of National Scientist under Ministry of Science and Technology, Kyu-young Gho of KAIST who successfully transplanted heart cells to revive heart for the first time, Jinho Jung from Seoul university who suggested the thermal skin aging notion for the first time and Sang-guk Lee of Seoul university who is an expert in natural substance bio research.  Bio Science and Technology Advisory will focus on advising basic and applied technology of bio science including skin cells and natural organisms. 

The Herbal Science and Technology Advisory will become a council consisting of experts in oriental medicine, phytology, and eastern and western medical experts regarding herbal original technology and medicinal materials.  Also, cosmetics advisory will be consisted of experts in interface engineering, nano engineering and macromolecule engineering to be a council for property of matters and treatments; and the Beauty and Dietary Supplement Advisory will be consisted of experts in food science to advise diseases, obesity and food materials.

Chairman Kang said, “It is important to strengthen the mid and long term research with a long-lasting vision in order to move ahead of world’s renowned beauty companies. By launching the advisory, AmorePacific will enhance the quality and level of our research so that we can offer innovative products to improve the quality of lives of our customers and give pleasure to them.”

Meanwhile, in order to improve research capacity and competitiveness, the company has concluded various organizations and conducted joint researches.  On June 10, “AmorePacific Skin Scientist Research Support Program” was concluded to support new skin scientist professors with Korea Medical Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics.  Also, on May 18, the company concluded joint research on rare plants with National Institute of Biological Resources, and on April 23, we also concluded the joint research contract on differentiated efficacy materials as well as rare plant conservation in Jeju island with Jeju Techno Park.