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AmorePacific’s Woman Scientists Awards 2008

R&D 2010-06-28

The application period begins for the Woman Scientists Awards, the largest in their class in Korea.
Nine women will be selected in six categories including the Future Potential Award among people with master or doctorate degrees.
The application period for candidates will be closed on August 26.
This award is lined up as an event for global Woman scientists including those in pure science and applied science in Asian and Pacific regions.
Korea Federation of Women’s Science and Technology Associations (Chairperson Ji-young Kim, hereinafter referred to as KOFWST) and AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) will select the candidates for the 3rd AmorePacific Woman Scientists Awards sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. 
The AmorePacific Woman Scientists Awards are designed to promote women’s role in the sciences. They awards scientists, engineers or individuals and groups who have made significant accomplishments for the development of science in Korea, and encourage them to be proud Korean Woman scientists by publicizing their achievement. Particularly, they awards scientists in areas of applied science as well as pure science. This is the biggest award given to Woman scientists in Korea. It is given to nine persons in six categories: Grand Prize for Science (1 person), Science and Technology Award (2 persons), New Scientist Award (2 persons), Promotion Award (1 person), Frontier Award (1 person) and Future Potential Award (2 persons). 
Since its establishment, AmorePacific has been working to enable women based on technology-driven management and a spirit of respect for women. KOFWST is comprised of 21 women’s science and technology associations with 18,000 members. It looks ahead to recognize the accomplishment of many Woman scientists and to encourage their studies and research by awarding the 3rd AmorePacific Woman Scientists Awards. Sponsored by KOFWST and AMOREPACIFIC Corp. these awards are intended to recognize the woman scientist leaders of the 21st century and to encourage them to make contributions to the development of science and technology. These awards have kept balanced viewpoints in simultaneously assessing the woman scientists’ excellent achievements and their social contributions for science development in Korea and the world. They began with Grand Prize for Science, Science and Technology Award, New Scientist Award, and Promotion Award in 2006. In 2007, Frontier Award was added for a woman scientist who made great accomplishments in fields unexplored and in 2008, Future Potential Award was added for female students in a master or doctorate degree. The addition of Future Potential Award newly added is expected to encourage scientists to draw their attention to natural science or engineering, train global leaders, and thereby contribute greatly to the preparation of future science of Korea. 
KOFWST and AmorePacific hope that this award will encourage woman scientists to take pride in their research accomplishments, widen their impacts on the field of science and technology, and produce greater accomplishments through cooperation and communication among the senior-junior relationship. They will continue to support woman scientists in a proactive manner. 
The deadline for recommending candidates for this award is August 26. The winners will be decided by the Awarding Committee and the awards ceremony will be held in Hoam Faculty Building of Seoul National University on October 29.
If you want to recommend a candidate, please visit or to download the recommendation form. 
< Contact: KOFWST 02) 565-3701 ~ 2> 
AmorePacific’s Woman Scientists Awards 2008
Notice for Recommending Candidates
KOFWST, together with AmorePacific, is in search of woman scientists, engineers or groups to be awarded for making a significant contribution in Korean science and technology. We welcome candidate recommandation.

>> Award Information
* Grand Prize for Science (1)
- Trophy and and prize money (30 million won)
- A female who has demonstrated excellence in academic achievement and contributed to the society by her accomplishment in Korean science and technology
* Science and Technology Award (2)
- Trophy and prize money (10 million won each)
- Females who have demonstrated excellence in their accomplishments of respective fields, and greatly contributed to the development of Korean science and technology
* New Scientist Award (2)
- Trophy and prize money (5 million won each)
- Females under the age of fourty who have demonstrated excellence in their accomplishments and have great potential as researchers in a single field.
* Promotion Award (1 person or 1 group)
- Trophy and and prize money (10 million won)
- An individual (female or male) or group who has made a special contribution for providing equal opportunities for woman scientists in scientific fields.
* Frontier Award (1)
- Trophy and and prize money (3 million won)
- A person who is recognized for her accomplishments in the areas of science and technology unexplored by woman scientists
* Future Potential (2)
- Trophy and prize money (1 million won each)
- Females in a master or doctorate degree (students who have completed the course requirements for these degrees included) and persons who demonstrate excellence in their grades and research.
* Qualifications and Selection Criteria 
- Candidates shall be women who are citizens of Republic of Korea living in Korea or abroad. (However, Promotion Award and Frontier Award shall be exceptions for this rule.) 
- Persons who are still alive at the time of nomination (When one dies after the nomination deadline, the awardee shall be in his or her name and the prize shall be granted to his or her heir under the law of Republic of Korea) 
* Contact and Application: Office of KOFWST 
TEL: 02-565-3701 FAX: 02-3452-2912 Email: 
* Application deadline: August 26, 2008 (Entries valid when postmarked no later than this date) 
* Awards presentation: October 29, 2008 
* You can download application forms at the KOFWST website or AmorePacific’s “Woman Scientists Awards” website. ((