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AMOREPACIFIC’s score reports will be shared in 37 nations

Company 2005-03-10

The signing of “The Agreement on the Use of the Certification Marks of International Accreditation Institutes” by KOLAS and ILAC will help domestic cosmetics manufacturers expand into the international market. The test score reports issued by the AMOREPACIFIC Technology Search Center (Director Lee, Ok-seop, Vice President) will be used in 37 nations, including the U.S., Japan, and China, which was made possible due to the “Agreement on International Certified Mark Use“ between Korea KOLAS and ILAC. With the pact entering into force, a total of 380 KOLAS-accredited institutes (Testing organizations: 206, correction organizations: 174) will be able to issue accredited test reports marked both with the KOLAS marks and the ILAC-MRA marks, which will greatly enhance the international credibility of domestic products. Meanwhile, the AMOREPACIFIC Technology Research Center, now an international accreditation institute in chemistry will be able to issue test score reports to be used in 37 nations of ILAC, which will greatly help the domestic cosmetics industry make inroads into the international market. In particular, the test score reports issued by AMOREPACIFIC TRC will be allowed as they are without additional conditions attached in the nations, including China where separate test scores of its own make are required, which will greatly help the domestic cosmetics manufacturers actively working to enter into the Asia market through the reduced costs and time, enhanced competitiveness and product reliability needed for expanding into the international market.