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AmorePacific’s Hypoallergenic Hair Dye and Skin Diagnosis System Development Technology Certified as New Healthcare Technology

R&D 2010-07-02

AmorePacific (CEO Gyeong-Bae Seo) received Certification for New Healthcare Technology for their hypoallergenic hair dye and skin diagnosis system development technology. 
This certification system was hosted by the Ministry of Health & Welfare and sponsored by the Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology. It was designed to facilitate the development of excellent new technology in the healthcare industry and to advertise its accomplishments. In the third certification in 2009, a total of four technologies were selected as new technologies for certification, including two in the field of medicine and two in the field of cosmetics. AmorePacific won both of the certifications in the cosmetics field. 
The certification-acquired ‘Hypoallergenic Hair Dye Containing Powder for Protecting the Scalp’ is the technology that alleviates scalp irritation, allergic reactions, and damaged hair, which can occur when dyeing hair. It also facilitates coloration and improves the odor of hair dye. It passed the dermatological test by showing that this powder reduces allergic reactions from hair dye and alleviates scalp irritation. It not only reduces irritation but also increases the penetrating rate and effectiveness of the dye and the effective ingredients, improving its color development and duration by over 20%. And with AmorePacific’s new technology that reduces the unpleasant ammonia odor, this odor that occurs when dyeing hair could be reduced to 1/3. This technology was applied to AmorePacific’s Mise en Scene Aqua Essence Mild products. 
AmorePacific’s other certified technology is the "Technology for Skin Diagnosis and Counseling System Development Utilizing Multifunctional Sensors". It enables three kinds of skin measurement at a time and the minimization of customer movements through the networking of data management. This technology is applied to Skin Touch skin diagnosis system, which is installed at the Aritaums as total beauty solution stores, and AmorePacificbrand shops of. When using this technology, one can check one’s skin problems such as wrinkles, whitening, acne and sebum, etc. just by taking a video of one’s skin. The general optical shooting and polarization technology enable an analysis of the skin darkening problem, and wood lights enable a simple analysis of the sebum, acne and pores on the skin. In particular, stores with the SKIN TOUCH system installed, using the network technology, have maximized convenience for customers as they can continue to receive skin care by synchronizing the previous skin measurement results no matter which store they may have visited before. In addition, if needed, data can be connected to the analysis system to enable a more accurate skin analysis. This technology is of great value in that it surpassed the typical counseling methods based on Q&A, and made it possible to provide customers with more professional counseling and solutions based on scientific data analysis.