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AmorePacific Ranks No. 1 on the National Customer Satisfaction Index (NCSI)

Company 2010-06-28

AmorePacific, which has led the domestic health and beauty market, has been selected as the top company in NCSI in the field of cosmetics for women in 2008. At the certification event on September 30, held at Hotel Lotte located in Sogongdong, AmorePacific’s efforts for customer satisfaction were recognized. The NCSI survey for the third-quarter in 2008 was conducted jointly by Korea Productivity Center, University of Michigan in the USA and Chosun Ilbo and sponsored by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy targeting the 1,390 customers who have purchased and used the cosmetics for women (skin care, special care and make-up) in the past six months. AmorePacific received the highest points in the “no skin irritation” criterion of the detailed quality elements, the supplementary indicators in the assessment of customer satisfaction. 
AmorePacific, founded in 1945, has been the leading cosmetics company in Korea for 60 years. They have been working to establish customer-oriented processes with a vision to be a global total-care provider for customers’ health and beauty. AmorePacific will make more efforts to understand the rapidly changing environment and the needs of customers through in-depth consumer research by having “nature, customers and future” as their keywords, taking responsibility as an eco-friendly company that cares for the spiritual well-being of customers, and being socially responsible for mankind in order to grow into a company to be loved by customers all over the world. 
To make it possible, AmorePacific announced the unlimited liability policy in 1993 to help customers maintian their health and beauty, and it began sustainable management to minimize effects on the environment in all of the steps from product development to production to distribution to consumption to disposal. In addition, AmorePacific is supporting events such as “the Custodian of Female Health by Korea Breast Cancer Foundation (the Pink Ribbon Campaign, etc.)”, “Helper of Single Mother (Stores for Hope)” and “Facilitator for Women who make their dreams come true (AmorePacific’s Woman Scientists Awards)” in order to hold up their end and reciprocate their customer’s favor. As October is the Month of Breast Health, AmorePacific will support a variety of activities for women’s health and beauty, including the “marathon for the pink ribbon campaign” with about 8,000 runners at Sangam-dong, Seoul on October 12. 
Also AmorePacific tries to satisfy the needs of various customers in the mature market of domestic cosmetics, and at the same time, they are focusing on gaining premium customers to strengthen their market leadership. To this end, they have continued expanding their business in the beauty market by launching innovative products, leading the markets with, for example, HERA Derma Clear Kits, a total beauty solution combined with cosmetic technology and advanced technology, and IOPE Plant Stem Cell Lines, cosmetic lines containing vegetable stem cells for the first time in the world, to satisfy their customers who want distinguished values. 
AmorePacific has paid much attention to an ethnographic survey, which observes consumer behavior as a way to reflect their needs. Their marketers have been meeting customers directly through the Direct Consumer Contact (DCC) program since 2007, observing their behavior, and sharing their experiences, so as to capture the moment of truth between the point of purchase and the point of use. In the meantime, they have discovered the hidden needs of the customers, which could not have been revealed with a quantitative survey to develop innovative products. They took advantage of this discovery in conducting their marketing activities, reflecting their needs and based on the types of consumer behavior. So far, there have been cases of customer feedback reflected on some hair dye ingredients from Mise en Scene. AmorePacific is expecting to release a number of products, such as skin care and tone cosmetics, from Laneige, HERA and Sulhwasoo, etc. by the first half of next year to serve customer needs. 
And in September this year, AmorePacific opened Aritaum, a total beauty solution shop with class. Aritaum is a pure Korean word meaning “a space for the beautiful”. Like its meaning of being stylish and lovely combined with the concept of "space", it is being developed into the space for beauty solution which fulfills AmorePacific’s vision, "Asian Beauty". AmorePacific introduced their customers to a new kind of shop by combining store, product and service to provide the solutions for twelve skin issues in order to allow them to get professional counseling and comfortable experience in the cosmetics mass-market. They plan to operate about 1,000 shops throughout the country and develop them into places for improving customer satisfaction through qualitative growth, centered on service and Customer Experience Management. 
Starting in October, they will run AmorePacific Membership, an integrated point system, introduced for first time in the cosmetics industry. The point systems operated individually on separate channels, such as department stores, brand-shops and malls, will be integrated under a single name, "Beauty Point". The previous points collected from several channels are integrated into one, and they can be used at any shop where the AmorePacific Membership service applies. It results from listening to the voice of customers who want to add up their points and make it easy to use them. It enables AmorePacific to reciprocate their customers’ favor and satisfy them with their services.