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AmorePacific Opens the Smartphone Era in the Beauty Industry

Company 2010-07-02

Mise en Scene and Laneige the first companies in Korea to launch iPhone application and begin the Quick Response (QR) Codes service for advertisement
Mise en Scene launches an iPhone application for personalized style, hairstyle trend in 2010.
Laneige provides customers with various services including product information, advertisement image cuts and QR codes.
Happy Bath, a total bodycare brand of AmorePacific (President Seo Kyung Bae) opens a smartphone era for the first time in the domestic beauty industry with iPhone applications and QR codes through Mise en Scene and Laneige . 
Mise en Scene, a total hair fashion brand, launched its personalized Style, a trend of hair style to lead 2010, for iPhone applications starting from March 23. 
Through the personalized Style application from Mise en Scene, iPhone users can enjoy images and video clips of sensual hair styles as displayed by Shin Min Ah and Lee Young Woo as trend setters, and browse product information on how to make their hair style look sleek and attractive. The application can be searched on the App Store under Mise en Scene and downloaded for free. 
And Laneige has recently introduced the Quick Response Code service in the advertisements section of magazines and on their website ( Through this service, customers can scan the codes with the smart phone application and bring up the product information. 
QR Code is a two-dimentional barcode in a black and white grid pattern, which has overcome the capacity limitations of a barcode and stores data of a variety of forms and contents. Customers can find the information on Laneige White Plus Renew and Laneige Homme Sun BB Lotion, which consists of various categories such as production information, video contents, advertisement image cuts and links to the brand website, etc. Customers can search ‘qrooqroo’ on the iPhone App Store, download it for free and scan the QR code printed on advertisements. Customers can also open the application services for Windows phones and Android phones to enjoy them from other smartphones. 
"With the arrival of the smartphone era, there are increasing needs for consumers to get more brand information and contents through various mass media," says Gu-Yeol Kim, team leader of Marketing Communication at AmorePacific. "Starting with Mise en Scene’s applications and Laneige’s QR Code service, AmorePacific seeks to lead the new media and marketing trend as well as the beauty trend, and we will provide a variety of contents to our customers as soon as possible by expanding these services to our other brands."