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AmorePacific Opens the Door Wide to Technical Proposals from the Outside

R&D 2010-07-02

AmorePacific (President Seo Gyeong-Bae) will hold “Beautiful Innovation 2009” for the 2nd Idea Contest aimed at graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. 
‘Beautiful Innovation’ was designed to create customer-friendly products and to discover good employees early by learning of and reflecting the creative ideas of young scientists of Korea based on the spirit of technological priority which has been inherited from the early times of the foundation of AmorePacific. 
In this 2nd contest, the scientists will compete in basic technology, application techniques and convergence technology applied to beauty products. The subjects are related to chemistry, bio-technology, IT and machinery, so the contest is open to various scientists. Those who are interested in the contest should make a team of 1 – 3 people, sign up for the contest at the website ( by October 31, make a plan for the subjects and submit the applications via the same website. AmorePacific will present them with plaques and prizes totaling 21 million won. 
In addition to the adoption of technological ideas through periodic contests, AmorePacific opens its door to everyone to enable them to suggest innovative technological ideas at any time by making a web page for Connect & Development (C&D) at the webiste site ( 
It has already proactively reflected the technology of one customer with development of ‘Mise en Scene Essence Mild’ hair dye. This hair dye technology for reduced irritation was proved to have excellent results in the assessment and safety test, and it was applied to the appropriate products after a series of processes. Therefore, AmorePacific applied the technology assessment processes to the appropriate technology for patentable values and proceeded to sign a contract with and reward the first inventor and customer. 
Gang-Hak Hee, head of the Cosmetics Technology Institute in AmorePacific said, “To find innovative technology and ideas, we open our door to people who are interested in health and beauty. We will do our best in building a strong knowledge network by welcoming ideas from the outside and getting closer to our vision to be ‘one of the top 10 global companies’.” 
[Note] Details on ‘Beautiful Innovation 2009’ for the 2nd Idea Contest

1. Teams of 1 – 3 people made up of undergraduate or graduate students with a two- or four-year degree living in the country (all majors accepted, including students on a leave of absence), or post doctoral fellows.
2. Technological ideas on Beauty & Health Select one of five subjects to apply 
More information is located on the website:
3. September 1 – October 24. Apply online at our contest website
- Submission Period: Between September 1 – October 31 at 18:00. 
Only those who send their applications to the company can submit their work / Register online at our contest website 
- Announcement of the 1st Screening: November 7. Application screenings / Teams selected for the finals and results announceed on the website 
- Presentation: November 13. Location is the Cosmetics Technology Institute in AmorePacific
- Presentations and Awards: November 13. Announcement after contest presentations 4. Award Details Grand prize (1 team): 10 million won, a trophy and an additional prize 
Second prize (1 team): 5 million won, a trophy and an additional prize 
Third prize (6 teams): 1 million won as a scholarship, a plaque and an additional prize 
5. Others 
- The 1st Application Screening at the Preliminaries: Evaluation of the applicants by focusing on the working-level 
- Presentation Screening at the Final: Evaluation by executive panels from the Cosmetics Technology Institute and Marketing, as well as screening panels outside the company 
- Extra points added to awarded teams or individuals when they apply for a research scholarship or are full-time researchers of AmorePacific’s Cosmetics Technology Institute 
- Contest Information Contact: Q&A and real-time chat line on the contest website