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AmorePacific Opens the 1st "Aritaum in You" Shop as One of Their Social Contribution Operations

CSR 2010-07-02

On January 12, AmorePacific (CEO Gyeong-Bae Seo) opened the first "Aritaum In You" shop as one of their Social Contribution Operations in Jungchon-dong, Daejeon. 
"Aritaum In You" is one of AmorePacific’s Social Contribution Operations to create warmer and more comfortable facilities for women in need at the Sexual Violence Relief Center and the Shelter Against Domestic Violence, etc. This operation was designed to return the favor of their customers for their love of Aritaum, as they have made a variety of social contributions under the concept of "Women and Beauty". 
For "Aritaum In You", AmorePacific held a signing ceremony in June 2009 with the Korea Foundation for Women, and began receiving requests for support. Now AmorePacific is providing up to 30 million won per facility. Though it was not long after the start of this operation, AmorePacific received great responses, as they could only accommodate one out of every 21 requests at the first intake of requests. 
The first "Aritaum In You" shop opened was "Jajaknamoo Soop" (Birch Forest), which is a village cafeteria located in Jungchon-dong Daejeon. It was designed to relieve women in the village from difficulties, as they had no independent place for their meetings. AmorePacific selected this place as their first shop, as it matched their concept of "women" and "sharing" that "Aritaum In You" pursues. 
AmorePacific furnished them with white-toned exterior walls and furniture during the contruction period, and installed warm lights as they focused on Birch Forest to stay away from the old, conventional space and turn it into a cozy and comfortable space. In this new cafeteria, they will hold many small meetings for knitting and sewing and others, and they will also have meetings for the study of such topics as literature. 
Hong-Jae Han, General Manager of AmorePacific in Daejeon, said, "I would like to say thank you to my customers who showed their love to us in Aritaum last year." To return the favour for your love, I will do my best for 'Aritaum In You' to be established as a more meaningful and beautiful program." AmorePacific plans to connect "ARITAUN NANUM" (Beautiful Sharing), a voluntary program for executives and employees, with the "Aritaum In You" program as a place for them to carry on their volunteer service programs such as haircutting in this transformed space.

picture of before and after construction of the first Aritaum IN YOU
A picture of the front of the building before construction in the days when it was used as a recycling center
A picture of the front of the building after construction when it was renovated as a culture center
A picture of the inside of the building before construction, deserted and not maintained, so its walls and floor were discolored.
A picture of the inside of the building after construction, focusing on creating a comfortable space with white furniture and soft lighting.
What is Aritaum? - A total beauty solution shop with class from AmorePacific 
Aritaum is a pure Korean word meaning "a space for the beautiful". It is a space of representative beauty solution where you can find Asian Beauty, the vision of AmorePacific. Aritaum provides you with professional counseling and convenient experiences by using the upgraded skin diagnosis system at the counseling zone of the store in order to give you 1 on 1 customized solution to solve your 12 types of skin problems. It has 1,059 stores (as of the end of 2009) at present, and they are thriving all across the country. 
In Aritaum, you can see many favorite brands of AmorePacific such as IOPE, Hannule, Laneige, Mamonde, Happy Bath, Odyssey and Mise En Scene, and 200 items of our PB products, 100 items of Mamond makeup new products, Espoir perfumes and imported perfumes, etc.