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AMOREPACIFIC Officially Supports the Organic World Congress

Company 2011-09-29

AMOREPACIFIC Co., Ltd. (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) officially supports The 17th IFOAM  Organic World Congress which will be held from September 26 to October 5 in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. Innisfree, an affiliated company of AMOREPACIFIC's brands, O'sulloc, Primera and Happybath, will be a sponsor.

The three-yearly Organic World Congress (OWC) is a renowned event which is the Olympics of the organic industry. OWC is largely organized by three sessions - a pre-academic congress, a main academic congress, and a general congress. What’s more, a variety of subsidiary events will add to the occasion. This 17th congress particularly garners world attention as the OWC is being held for the first time in Asia. Under the theme 'Organic is Life’, the congress will invite some 1,100 organic scholars, agriculturalists, and distributors from 110 countries; it is expected that approximately 200,000 Koreans will attend.

AMOREPACIFIC Co., Ltd. participated in the Organic Cosmetics and Organic Tea sessions of the pre-academic congress, which will take place for two days from September 26 to 27 in eight major cities with different event themes. In the pre-academic congress held in Namyangju, the topic of which is organic cosmetics, papers was presented on how to stabilize oleanolic acid in an environmentally-friendly way, and the functional ingredients to improve refractory and naturally occurring wrinkles, including the development of cosmetics by using natural ingredients. In addition, participants took a tour to Mizium, the second research institute of AMOREPACIFIC.  In the pre-academic congress on organic tea held at the same time in Jeju, a case study on the cultivation of organic green tea was presented. The presentation mainly covered application cases and results that AMOREPACIFIC produced on eco-friendly pest control, the use of organic fertilizers, and weeding without herbicides. Participants saw organic agriculture in action at Jeju Seogwang Tea Farm.

AMOREPACIFIC does its utmost to produce clean, safe and eco-friendly products to provide green products for customers. In 2008, AMOREPACIFIC released for the first time in Korea an approved organic cosmetics, the entire production line of which complied with the standards of eco-friendly and organic management from the process of raw material cultivation for cosmetics manufacturing and distribution management.  In addition, organic green tea cultivation began with the purpose of providing customers with eco-friendly and safer tea, and the Tea Farm was awarded ‘IFOAM’ certification and ‘USDA ORGANIC’ certification before 2010.