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AMOREPACIFIC has implemented the “Make-up Your Life” Campaign

CSR 2011-09-01

The first half of the ‘2011 AMOREPACIFIC Make-up Your Life’ campaign, where AMOREPACIFIC (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) and Amore counselors participate on a total of 23 occasions in the month of May, begins tomorrow (May 4) at the Daejeon Cancer Center at Chungnam University Hospital.

'AMOREPACIFIC Make-up Your Life' is a campaign to help female cancer patients who suffer from sudden changes in their appearance due to cancer treatment processes, through makeup, skin care and hair styling to make themselves beautiful so that they can overcome their suffering and depression and regain their inner beauty and be positive about life. 500 Amore counselors are participating. Compared to the first year in 2008, four times more volunteers have joined the event which demonstrates the status of the 'Make-up Your Life' campaign as a sharing activity for Amore counselors.

In addition, the interests of participating hospitals and female cancer patients were reflected, so the size of the event was doubled, both in terms of areas and beneficiaries. It will be held in 50 hospitals for 2,000 patients in Seoul and the metropolitan area, Busan, Daegu, Kwangju, Daejun, Kangwon and Jeju area in May and November. Anybody who is a female patient currently undergoing radiotherapy or anti-cancer treatments can apply to take part (30-50 patients per hospital by order of application), and a ‘Make-up Your Life Kit’ consisting of a bag, textbook, brochure, HERA make-up products, and ‘Primera skincare kit’ is provided to all participants. 

AMOREPACIFIC door-to-door sales department vice president Young-So Kwon said, “Amore counselors have led community sharing activities every year to make a bright and healthy society for the past 47 years. Through this campaign, in which Amore counselors acted as beauty missionaries, I hope that the cancer patients can regain their inner beauty as well as outer beauty to restore a beautiful life.”
Meanwhile, a total of 5,500 female cancer patients and 1,350 Amore counselor volunteers have participated in the campaign so far.

This campaign is hosted by AMOREPACIFIC and sponsored by Korea Breast Cancer Foundation, Korea Breast Cancer Society, Korea Oncology Nursing Society and KFW. For details, please contact 2011 AMOREPACIFIC Make-up Your Life Operation Center for more information about applications. T. 070-7604-2116, 

'Amore counselors', with a 47-year history dating back to 1964, are major human resources of AMOREPACIFIC who have been loved by customers regardless of the changing times and have led the growth of the cosmetics industry. There are currently around 38,000 active counselors all over the country with up to 3 million customers. 

Although times have changed, with the large cosmetics bag which was the symbol of female cosmetics marketers in the past disappearing and customer management generally conducted through high tech PDAs, Amore counselors are continuing to work hard for the beauty and health of their customers and society today in the spirit of the ‘Counselor Charter’, pledging to practice sharing based on ‘warm affection’ which connects with the heart of people. 

Amore counselors actively participated in invitation activities such as “Elderly Invitation” and “Invitation for Children without Parents” to foster social community notions and share warm hearts during the holiday season of 2005. In addition, they provided 30 elderly homes and unregistered facilities and public charges with cosmetics products, basic utilities, and green tea to continue the sharing activities. 

These activities reflect AMOREPACIFIC counselors’ own history. In 1960’s, people were still suffering from the aftermath of the war and there were women who lost the heads of their families. AMOREPACIFIC provided rice and briquettes to widows as well as jobs so that they were able to stand on their feet. We have taken an interest in abandoned women’s lives and shared love with them, which led to the creation of our motto “Returning the love we received from customers to the society” and the implementation of sharing activities to share our love for our neighbors.