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AmorePacific had the noble values of our traditional culture for women informed of to the world

CSR 2010-07-02

AmorePacific presented 36 art pieces collected by ‘AmorePacific Museum of Art’ to the Exhibition for Re-opening the House of Korea in LACMA
We are at the forefront in advertising the beauty of our traditional culture for re-opening the House of Korea, for example, by donating $300,000 to the museum
AmorePacific, ‘Asian Beauty Creator’, will set out as ‘a culture missionary’ to the world to advertise the noble values and pride of Korean traditions for women. 
In celebrating the re-opening of the House of Korea in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Michael Govan, director of LACMA), AmorePacific presented a total of 36 artworks including ‘an artifact of three precious stones with knots’ from the collections of ‘AmorePacific Museum of Art’ to LACMA. 
Prior to this, AmorePacific had donated $300,000 to this museum through the donation programs of the Korea Foundation to build the Women’s Quarter. Their presentation to the museum expressed their intent to do their best as a company for female cultures which create and pass on beauty through this exhibition. 
President Seo Gyeong-Bae said, “With this exhibition of traditional feminine culture artifacts, through which visitors can feel the deep values, wisdom and beauty inherent in them as time goes on, I hope we can form a empathetic consensus with the global community on traditional cultures of Korea. Also, we will continue on with our mission as ‘an Asian Beauty Creator’ that generates the essence of Asian beauty.” 
AmorePacific is a leading company in Korea that has devoted themselves for the past 60 years to the health and beauty business based on the deep Asian wisdom towards nature and the human being. They have run ‘AmorePacific Museum of Art (former ‘the Amore Museum’) since 1979 and expanded their research and exhibitions on the generalities of female cultures. Now we keep working to inherit and develop the beauty of Korean traditions from both inside and outside the country. For example, AmorePacific presented their collections to the House of Korea in LACMA for its re-opening in 2007. 
LACMA is one of the largest museums in the western United States with about 1 million visitors annually ever since it was opened in 1965. The House of Korea is newly built, funded by the Korea Foundation for renovations and repairs. It houses the Ja Kyeong Jeon from the Gyeongbok Palace where Queen Shinjeong lived. She was the mother of Heon Jong (the 24th King of Chosun Dynasty) and the supporter of Daewongun and Goh Jong (the 26th King of Chosun Dynasty). This room will also display the Feast of Queen Shinjeong and many valuable works and pieces of art from the female culture. In particular, the culture of Korean women was brought up as an independent subject at the entrance of the exhibit room under the support of AmorePacific. Works of art related to this theme were exhibited and visitors were showed that the culture of Korean women is in harmony with both tradition and modern times of Korea. As a result, AmorePacific was able to find opportunity to advertise their culture and history to the world.