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AMOREPACIFIC Donates 1 Billion Won Development Fund to Ministry of Gender Equality

CSR 2004-07-20

Together with Ministry of Gender Equality, Promote Project to Enhance Quality of Life of Immigrated Women AMOREPACIFIC Corp. held with Ministry of Gender Equality ‘Women Development Fund Contribution Covenant Ceremony’ on July 20th at the Grand Conference Room of Ministry of Gender Equality and shall promote ‘project of assisting international marriage immigrated women’ by contributing 1 billion Won. AMOREPACIFIC Corp. recognizing that the foreign working women and international marriage immigrated women, although they are performing important role in many economic and social areas in Korea, live in a difficult environment and suffer from difficulties by failing to adapt culturally, came to devise assistance measure for enhancement of quality of their life. AMOREPACIFIC Corp. expands diversified activities such as assistance in medical expenses and assistance in rebuilding or maintenance of social facilities etc. focusing on low income women and children by establishing Taepyeongyang Welfare Foundation (1982) in order to make all the women in Korea live a beautiful and healthy life, and also expands various activities such as activities of preventing breast cancer which is radically increasing nowadays by establishing Korea Breast Cancer Foundation (2000).