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AmorePacific diversifies its health business with o’sulloc Tea House

Company 2004-04-26

AmorePacific(President Suh Kyung-bae) takes a first step to diversify its health business to realize the company’s 2015 vision by opening a green tea-themed café ‘o’sulloc Tea House’ in Myeong-dong April 10th . In January, the cosmetics maker set its 2015 vision as becoming a “Global Total-care Provider of Beauty & Health”. ‘o’sulloc Tea House’ (housed in two-storied 80 pyong place with 90 seats) provides the menu of ‘well-being food’ newly developed by ‘fusioning’ Korean traditional ‘tea’ with various foods such as smoothy, low-calorie beverages, ice cream and bakery. It is a green tea-themed café of new concept targeting both old and new generations. You could indulge yourself in the joy of having various teas and unique foods, while at the same time experiencing a tea culture, which is good for health. For people living in the 21 century suffering environmental degradation and much stress, the act of drinking tea is more than enjoying favorite tea but an act of caring for body and soul’. Thus the new tea house appeals to new generations pursuing well-being life style which values both physical and psychological health. By quickly responding to the newly changing green tea market, AmorePacific plans to successfully run the first store in Myeong-dong and then open a second store in Kanggam during the second half of this year. The company review making the tea houses into a franchise business down the road. AmorePacific, which has focused on restoring Korean traditional tea culture and making good tea while continuously expanding the realm of tea in our lives, opened in Jeju Island September, 2001 Korea’s largest comprehensive a tea culture exhibition hall ‘o’sulloc’ where you could experience green tea and Korean traditional tea culture. o’sulloc is attracting much attention as a nature-friendly relaxation place and cultural space where western and oriental cultures harmonize with each other. It has placed itself as Jaju Island’s major tourist attraction, attracting over 300,000 people every year. 'o’sulloc Tea House’ is AmorePacific’s second sulloc tea project of which motto is ‘Providing the benefits of tea to everyone’. The company’s managing director, Jong-yoon Kim said, “We would allow o’sulloc Tea House to present the image of a fresh tea field to the minds of people living the fast-paced modern society and provide a space where young people accustomed to coffee to experience green tea and traditional food made with green tea.” ● o’sulloc Tea House 1st Floor, Cheonghwi Building 33-1, 2-ga, Myeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul (beside Myeong-dong branch of Woori Bank) Tel : 02-774-5460 Business Hour : 8:00~22:00 Major Items on the Menu (price range : 3,500 ~ 6,000 Won) -- Ilo Aroma which comes to mind when you want to experience the aroma of good tea -- Green Tea Tiramus loved by women who want to have a slim body -- Green Mango Latte that could be enjoyed by everyone in your family -- Green Soft Ice Cream, the friend for children and students -- OakRo Powered Tea with rich foam and flavor made by grinding sun-cultivated young tea leaves using a stone hand mill.