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AmorePacific counselors, implemented “Make-up Your Life” movement

CSR 2010-11-23

2010 Volunteer of Makeup Your Life campaign which was implemented by AmorePacific (CEO Kyung-bae Seo) and Amore counselors will take place today (27th) and tomorrow (28th) at the Human Excellence Institute in AmorePacific headquarters in Seoul and Daejeon.  This ceremony will take over the programs such as education to have basic knowledge of patients and makeup practice while 500 volunteers, AmorePacific employees and the CEO were present. 

AmorePacific Makeup Your Life is a campaign to help female cancer patients who suffer from sudden changes in their looks due to cancer treatment process though makeup hair styling to make themselves beautiful so that they can get over pains and depression and regain their inner beauty and be positive about life. 500 AmorePacific counselors participate.  Compared to last year in 2008, 4 times more volunteers join the event which shows the status of Makeup Your Life campaign as a sharing activity of Amore counselors. 

In addition, the interests of participating hospitals and female cancer patients were reflected so the size of the event was expanded twice of areas and beneficiaries. It will be held in 50 hospitals for 2,000 patients in Seoul and metropolitan area, Busan, Daegu, Kwangju, Daejun, Kangwon and Jeju area on May and November.  Any female cancer patient who is in the process of radioactive treatment or chemo therapy (limited to 40 patients per hospital), and all participants will be offered bags, brochures, HERA products “HERA Makeup Your Life Kit.”

AmorePacific door-to-door sales department vice president Young-so Kwon said, “Amore counselors have led community sharing activities every year to make bright and healthy society for the past 46 years. Especially, through this campaign which Amore counselors acted as beauty missionaries, I hope that the cancer patients can regain their inner beauty as well as outer beauty to regain beautiful life.”

This campaign is hosted by AmorePacific and sponsored by Korea Breast Cancer Foundation, Korea Breast Cancer Society, Korea Oncology Nursing Society and KFW. For details, please contact AmorePacific Makeup Your Life Operation Center for information on applications. 
* Contact: T. 070-7604-2116,

[Note 1] 2010 First Half 
Soowon Ahjoo University Hospital / May 6 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Seoul Ahsan Hospital / May 7 / 2:00 PM
Kangwon: Kang-reung Ahsan Hospital / May 12 / 1:00 PM
Daejun: Choongnam University Hospital / May 12 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Catholic University Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital / May 13 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Kun-kook University Hospital / May 13 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Jeil Hospital / May 14 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Lee-hwa University Hospital, Mok-dong Hospital / May 17 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Jeil Hospital / May 18 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Catholic University Hospital, St. Vincent Hospital / May 18 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Hanyang University Hospital / May 19 / 1P:00 AM
Daejun: Kun-yang University Hospital / May 19 / 4:00 PM
Seoul: Korea University Hospital / May 20 / 2:00 PM
Daegu: Make It Pink Hospital / May 20 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Severance Hospital / May 25 / 2:00 PM
Busan: Severance Department of Breast Surgery / May 26 / 2:00 PM
North Jolla province: Busan University Hospital / May 26 / 2:00 PM
Busan: Busan University Hospital, Busan area cancer center / May 27 / 2:00 PM
North Choong-cheong province: Choongbuk University Hospital / May 27 / 2:00 PM
Seoul: Kyung-hee Hospital / May 28 / 2:00 PM
Kwang-ju: Kyung-ju Hyundai Hospital / May 28 / 2:00 PM
Jeju: Jeju University Hospital Jeju area cancer center / May 31 / 2:00 PM

[Note 2] Programs
- Registration: Registration and HERA Makeup Your Life kit offered
- Opening: Introduce the hope message and program for female cancer patients
- Skin Care and makeup classes/practice: AmorePacific professional makeup instructor / time for patients to do make-ups for themselves
- Photo zone Polaroid picture offered

[Note 3] Amore counselor social contributions
Beginning in 1964, Amore counselors are the major human resource who have 46 years of history and was loved by customers regardless of the changes of times, and led the cosmetics industry. Currently, there are around 37,000 counselors nationwide and their customers are as many as 3 million people. Long time ago, the big cosmetics bag which was the symbol of cosmetics sales ladies has disappeared and customer management using high-tech PDA has become popular but Amore counselors strive for the beauty of our customers and the society with the counselor law spirit to share hearts with people. 

Especially, Amore counselors have actively participated in invitation activities such as “Elderly Invitation” and “Invitation for Children without Parents” to foster social community notion and share warm hearts on the holiday of 2005.  In addition, they provided 30 elderly homes and 7 unregistered facilities and 70 public charges with cosmetics products, living utilities, and green tea to continue the sharing activities. 

These activities are on the same page as AmorePacific counselors’ own history.  In 1960’s, people were still suffering from the aftermath of the war and there were women who lost the heads of their families.  AmorePacific provided rice and briquettes to widows as well as jobs so that they were able to stand on their feet. We have been interested in abandoned women’s life and shared love to them, which led us to having a motto of “Returning the love we received from customers to the society” and implemented sharing activities to share love for our neighbors.