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AMOREPACIFIC Corporation Wins Presidential Citation for Excellent Gender Equality Award

Company 2012-04-10

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) was awarded the Presidential Citation at the commemoration of the 12th Gender Equality Employment Week hosted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor. This Presidential Citation, which is the most honored award, approved AMOREPACIFIC the best enterprise that provided the work environment for men and women to work together in pleasant harmony, and that set a good example for the society and other companies that the family is important as much as the work. The award commemoration took place on the 2nd of April, commencing at 10:30 in the morning, and the venue was the Jangwon Hall at AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center, situated at Yongin city in the Gyeonggi province. On behalf of the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation staff, its President and CEO Suh Kyung-bae, together with the chairman of the labor union, Yong-Kang Lee, received the citation from Chae-Pil Lee who is the Minister of Employment and Labor.

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation’s recruiting process and screening system, wage level, and welfare benefits package did not vary according to different gender, and its Maternal Instinct Advocacy Program, backed up by company policies, supported staffs to balance their work and family life, which received high praise in the course of selecting from award nominees and were the reasons why the Presidential Citation had to go to AMOREPACIFIC Corporation. In fact, the rate of allocating women to significant positions is relatively higher, and the company has operated a variety of policies to give all staffs the opportunities to show their talents regardless of their gender. As an example, there is a compulsory education point system through which many female staff have demonstrated their talents and earned commensurate rewards. What’s more, including the HQ office in Seoul, childcare facilities were established in three workplaces, and women-only lounges were provided for 9 offices in Korea. An 'ABC Working Time,' which is a company policy allowing the employees to decide the time to start and get off work on their discretion, is indeed helping the employees to concentrate on their work without feeling concerned about infant care.

The Gender Equality Employment Week, designated first in 2001 by the Ministry of Employment and Labor, is the first week of April (from April 1st to 7th) every year, and during the week, many efforts are made to propagate the social recognition on the non-discriminatory hiring and work environment, and furthermore on the family-friendly policy. In light of this, a commemoration opens annually to select the companies observing the above policies, and to award the companies with excellent achievement. This year, the event started with an opening address, followed by awards ceremony with congratulatory messages, and celebrations by artistic performances, where a total of 250 participants graced the occasion and witnessed AMOREPACIFIC winning the Presidential Citation.

In the event, President and CEO of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation, Suh Kyung-bae expressed his impression on receiving the citation, "It is with great pleasure that we are awarded, as to AMOREPACIFIC Corporation, women are more than important as the cosmetic industry particularly necessitates talented women with excellent sensitivity, and by this chance we are able to elevate our competitiveness by nurturing more talents. It is the promise that AMOREPACIFIC Corporation will not stop its efforts on creating the better and smarter workplace where everyone, regardless of gender, can work without being treated unequally."