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AMOREPACIFIC CORP. donates KRW 300 million to Community Chest of Korea

CSR 2011-01-21

AMOREPACIFIC CORPORATION (CEO Suh Kyung-bae), which has long been taking the initiative in improving women’s health, beauty and quality of life, donated 300 million won to the “Hope 2011 Sharing Campaign” at a special donation ceremony held by the Community Chest of Korea in Jung-gu, Seoul at 11:30 AM on January 12th.

The donation by AMOREPACIFIC CORP. is a form of designated deposit for women’s support initiatives, and is to be used for the “Beautiful Life" project, which is designed to assist women’s independence.

 AMOREPACIFIC CORP. has been donating for ten years since its initial association with the Community Chest of Korea in 2002, and through its participation in the December 2006 end-of-year campaign, the company commenced a full-scale sharing partnership with the Community Chest of Korea. The amount the company donated to the “Hope 2008 Sharing Campaign" in December 2007 was used for “Beautiful Life” project implementation for 2008, which provided assistance for self-supporting low-income women, child care support, and cultural activity expenses.

 Hyong-kil Kim, Vice President of AMOREPACIFIC CORP. PR Division said, “AMOREPACIFIC has been taking the initiative in improving women’s health, beauty and quality of life in order to return the love and respect the company receives from our female customers. The company will continue to sponsor underprivileged women and encourage them to lead happy lives. We hope our involvement in this cause will lead to increased social awareness of and interest in underprivileged women’s issues.”

 AMOREPACIFIC CORP. is leading the way in sharing activities for promoting a beautiful and healthy future for women based on sincerity. Examples of such efforts are the ‘AMOREPACIFIC Make-up Your Life’ campaign, which aims to cultivate the will for rehabilitation and confidence by passing down knowledge on how to adorn appearance beautifully through make-up, skin care and hair styling for female cancer patients and the ‘Pink Ribbon Campaign’ for proper recognition and prevention of breast cancer. The company also promotes a “Hope Store,” a microcredit project that supports economic independence and advancement of low-income females.