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AmorePacific Celebrates the 64th Anniversary – Announces the Sustainable Management Principles

Company 2010-07-02

At their 64th anniversary held on September 4 at the headquarters in Yongsan, AmorePacific (President and CEO, Gyeong-Bae Seo) announced that they will begin sustainable management under which nature, people and companies co-exist. 
On this day, AmorePacific announced their vision of sustainable management to be “one of the most respectable companies in Asia in 2015”, saying that they will make the world beautiful where everyone co-exists harmoniously and continues to live up to their mission to fulfill their customers’ beauty and health. 
To do so, the company has plans to strengthen sustainability through peaceful co-existence between nature and industry by promoting sustainable product development and green growth through minimizing the company’s impact on the environment. For example, AmorePacific will increase the number of sustainable products that are customer-friendly, eco-friendly and community-friendly by 10% every year, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions against sales by 5% every year up to a total of a 30% reduction from the current level by the year 2015. And it will save natural resources and energy by improving energy efficiency in the production process, building an eco-friendly and integrated hub for production and logistics at Osan, and developing green IT and stores. 
Also, to be a human-centered and sustainable company, AmorePacific will commit to help employees maintain the balance between working life and personal life, improve a system for self-realization, and solidify the foundation where its beauty partners can grow as professionals with vision and passion. And it will build up a mutually beneficial relationship with its partners and contractors through a green management system. 
In the commemorative speech at the 64th anniversary, president Seo said, "Green genes already exist in our mission as an Asian Beauty Creator to spread Asian Beauty to the world. Asian Beauty means a harmonious mind and an appearance that is to be brought out on the basis of Asia’s deep wisdom towards nature. And now it is time to own up to, and develop, these green genes to provide the customers around the world with green products and to be re-born as a sustainable company through green growth." 
In addition to the announcement regarding sustainable management, AmorePacific took the opportunity to reveal, and to dedicate to the key stakeholders, the sustainability report entitled “For a More Beautiful World,” reporting specific performances and activities of the headquarters, local branches, and stores, in order to make a transparent presentation to the stakeholders of the sustainable management activities and to pass on their feedback to management. They intend to be in active communication with stakeholders and grow into a company that contributes to sustainable development by disclosing detailed plans gradually through the publication of an annual report every year. 
After camellia oil in the days of Gaeseong in 1930s, a key product for its growth, and “ABC Pomade,” the first pure-vegetable oil in the domestic market in 1950s, it has made continuous efforts to give the benefits from nature back to customers by making products from oriental herb materials and natural plants of Asia through launching Sulhwasoo, the brand of cosmetics from oriental herbal medicines and AmorePacific, the flagship brand of the company. And it has kept a farm of green tea at the 3,305,785 m² site for 30 years, since 1970, and this helped absorb CO2. It also has played the role of a leading eco-friendly company through carbon labeling certification of Mise en Scene Shampoo for the first time in this industry, and integration of Carbon Cash-Back and Beauty Points programs.