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AMOREPACIFIC Celebrates its 57th Anniversary

Company 2002-10-15

AMOREPACIFIC (CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) celebrated its 57th anniversary at the Pacific Training Center in Yongin, Kyonggi Province, on September 5, under the slogan ?MOREPACIFIC? Global Brand.? Among the 500 guests attending the ceremony were AMOREPACIFIC President Suh Sung-whan; CEOs, officers and employees of the company? subsidiaries; representatives from vendors and affiliated firms; employees who have served at the company for over 10 years; and employees of overseas divisions. The ceremony allowed the company to build a corporate-wide consensus on the vision of creating an outstanding company in the 21st century, and consolidated employee resolve to achieve the vision of becoming a top-10 global firm. In his anniversary speech, President Suh Sung-whan said that ?MOREPACIFIC can prosper only by continually creating and globalizing newness.?He stressed that in order to achieve maximum competitiveness, the company needs to develop a fresh mindset and new modes of operation through institutional and systemic changes and different frameworks. He also urged all executives and employees to apply themselves to practicing the corporate philosophy of living honestly and working diligently to establish a closer relationship with customers.