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AmorePacific begins to save CO2 cashbag point for eco-friendly consumers for the first time in cosmetics industry

Company 2010-07-02

In order to facilitate low CO2 consumptions in response to the unusual weather events for the first time in cosmetics industry, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) decides to save both beauty points and CO2 cashbag points for consumers who buy a refill line of Mise-en-scene Shampoo. 
CO2 cashbag membership customers have to just pass simple authentication on either AmorePacific's website ( or CO2 cashbag point's website (, so they can benefit from automatic saving of their beauty points together with CO2 cashbag points. CO2 cashbag membership customers can save their CO2 cashbag points by clipping CO2 cashbag coupons printed on the rear side of Mise-en-scene refill product packages and affixing them on OK cashbag coupon sticky note.
Beauty point is a joint mileage point introduced by AmorePacific for the first time in cosmetics industry in last October. Membership customers can use the beauty point across any brand shop of AmorePacific including domestic department stores, marts, Aritaum, Innisfree, O'sulloc and Estherapy. 
CO2 cashbag point, a mileage point introduced by Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) in last April, can be saved for membership customers when they buy high efficient energy-saving products and low CO2 emission products. This point can be saved by anyone who holds either a CO2 cashbag card or a OK cashbag card. 10% of saved CO2 cashbag points are donated to CO2 emission reduction activities, and remaining 90% are useful like cash in domestic membership shops of CO2 cashbag and OK cashbag around the country. 
AmorePacific expects that this partnership between beauty point and CO2 cashbag will be able to give effective incentives to consumers to improve their senses of warning about unusual weather events and participate in consumption for low CO2 emission just by practicing purchase of eco-friendly and economic refill products. 
On the other hand, AmorePacific energetically deploys activities for improving the senses of warning about unusual weather events and promoting consumptions for low CO2 emission, which involve positive participation in extending 'CO2 Emission Score System (CO2 Gas Emission Labeling)' to indicate the details of CO2 gas emission. In last December, ‘Mise-en-scene Pearl Shining Moisture Shampoo’ was certified with CO2 emission label by the Ministry of Environment (MoE) for the first time in the sector of domestic cosmetics and living utilities. And in this June, 5 brand products of AmorePacific are certified with same label, such as Essential Damage Care Shampoo, Black Pearl Anti-aging Shampoo, Pearl Shining Moisture Shampoo, Pearl Shining Curl & Volume Shampoo, Pearl Shining Nutrition & Smoothing Shampoo. 
In the future, AmorePacific plans to further expand benefit of CO2 cashbag points and certification with CO2 emission label to extend the options of customers who are concerned about the earth environment and pursue fair spendings. 
▶For information on membership, please contact: 
CO2 Cashbag Call Center (Tel: 1599-0512) / AmorePacific Membership Call Center (Tel: 080-015-2525)
▶ A line of Mise-en-scene products for saving mileage of CO2 cashbag or beauty point: 
- Mise-en-scene Pearl Moisture, Pearl Curl & Volume, Pearl Nutrition & Smoothing, Essential Damage, Black Pearl Anti-aging Shampoo Refill (680ml): Gives benefit of saving CO2 cashbag points (300P) and beauty points (2% of product price).
- Mise-en-scene Pearl Moisture, Essential Damage, Black Pearl Anti-aging Shampoo Refill (500ml): Gives benefit of saving CO2 cashbag points (200P) and beauty points (2% of price).