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AmorePacific announces the vision of becoming one of the Top 10 Global Companies as a creator of Asian beauty

Company 2010-06-28

On June 17, AmorePacific President and CEO Suh Kyung-bae, leading the domestic beauty & health market, announced the growth strategies for making a new leap to one of the top ten beauty companies in the global market with the mission as an Asian beauty creator. 
- “Take off as a true Asian beauty creator for creating the essence of Asian beauty” President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae, said, “Our mission is to create Asian beauty and spread it out to our Asian customers. That's what the Asian beauty creator performs. Expanding only the volume of business and not taking the company’s mission and culture into account can make a profit in the short term, but before long, it will end up losing its value and unique color. AmorePacific has focused on the health and beauty business based on deep wisdom of Asia regarding nature and the human being. Upon it, we will continue to make efforts to build strong brand power and to provide customer-oriented service for customers from all over the world to create our own value and to grow into one of the ‘top ten global companies’, achieving sales of 5 trillion won in 2015." 
- "Making an environment to improve Asian value through the expansion of markets in China and the other Asian countries" "We have to expand our market share in the global market after being credited with a company that provides true Asian beauty in Asian markets. That’s what matters most. Particularly, the next two or three years will be an important period for us for expanding our market share in Asia," President Suh explained, regarding the specifics of his strategy. "In addition to Laneige, AmorePacific and Lolita Lempicka, we will introduce the other competitive brands, such as Sullhwasoo, HERA and IOPE, to the Chinese market by 2010," he said, laying out the strategic plan to get into Asian markets. 
He added, "We will establish an eco-friendly production system and logistic platform in Osan, Gyeonggi-do by 2010 in preparation for global business, and open the 2nd research and development (R&D) center with an investment of a total of 45 billion won. The new 25,000 m² facility built under the goal of the best Health and Beauty Research Center in Asia will be located in Young-in. We will secure our global competitiveness through three platforms including brand power, R&D ability, productivity and facility, and strengthen our brand power to lead the market and finally accomplish sales of 500 billion won in Asian markets by 2012." 
- "Winning the trust of customers with our devotion to in-depth consumer research and our responsibility as corporate citizenship" President Seo said, "Things are changing so fast, but our customers are changing faster. We will strive to understand the needs of our customers based on in-depth consumer research,, to fulfill our promise for nature, customers and future, to take responsibility as an eco-friendly company that cares for the spiritual well-being of customers, and to be socially responsible for mankind in order to grow into a company to be loved by customers all over the world." 
In 1993, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. has already declared a motto of "unlimited corporate responsibility" for environment to keep true health and beauty of customers, and has been implementing green management to minimize potential environmental impact of every business processes from product development, manufacturing, distribution, consumption through disposal. In addition, to reciprocate their customer’s favor AmorePacific is continuously and consistently expanding its social responsibility for women by events such as the pink ribbon campaign, Store for Hope, and AmorePacific's Woman Scientists Awards.