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AmorePacific achieved NET Certification Mark, Certificate of New Technology, with a skin friendly cosmetics technology

R&D 2010-06-28

AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (President and CEO, Suh Kyung-bae) announced that it acquired NET certification of "production technology for pseudo-lamellar body containing ceramides applicable to skin" in the qualification of the 3rd New Excellent Technology (NET) Certification, co-sponsored by MKE and Korea International Technology Association (KITA) on December 22, 2008. This new technology is designed to produce humectants "Pseudo-Lamellar Body" as the best implemented lamellar body that is an intracellular organ to moisturize skin by producing epidermal intercorneocyte lipids. With this innovative technology developed for the first time in the world, it is expected to maximize the moisturizing effects of cosmetics and effectively recover dry and damaged skin by delivering pseudo-lamellar body akin to human epidermal keratinocytes into skin. 
The intercorneocyte lipid forming an outermost epidermal protection layer of skin consists mainly of ceramide, fatty acid and cholesterol. It keeps skin moist and enhances barrier functioning of skin. Among other substances of such lipid, ceramide is well known for its excellent moisturizing effect and has been widely used as raw material of cosmetics for many years. However, ceramides easily harden in cosmetics, so they have been technically limited to low content in use. With this consideration, AmorePacific's technical researchers have developed a technology to stabilize intercorneocyte lipids including ceramides in similar form to intracellular lamellar body in skin. As a result, they have made a breakthrough in the conventional technical limitations on ceramides to adopt high content of ceramides in cosmetics. 
Do-hun Kim, senior researcher of Skin Medicine Research Team at AmorePacific R & D Institute, stated, "With the help of new technology, we expect to practically and effectively alleviate recent increasing functional problems of skin barrier, such as atopic skin or sensitive skin. We plan to extend substantial applications of this skin-like pseudo-lamellar body into a wider variety of raw materials with skin efficacy, so as to apply it to cosmeceuticals or skin medications for skin disease treatment." 
Meanwhile, the new technology is recognized worldwide for its excellence as evidenced by pending Korean and international patents (respectively 4 and 2 cases), and will be applied to products of AmorePacific and PacificPharma Corporation including Sulwhasoo Revitalizing Serum which is due to be launched in January 2009.