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Amore Pacific Wins Two Prizes in the Marketing Award of the Republic of Korea 2003

Company 2003-06-26

Laneige Interactive Shop - Grand Prize in the Category of Leadership Mamonde Flower First Serum -Best Product Award in the category of New Products Amore Pacific (CEO: Suh Kyung-bae) won the grand prize in the category of Leadership in the 'Laneige Interactive Shop' while the 'Mamonde First Serum' won the Best Product Award in the category of New Products at the awards ceremony for the 'Marketing Awards of the Republic of Korea 2003'. The 'Marketing Awards of the Republic of Korea' sponsored by the Korea Management Association Consulting, has been conducted every year since 1993 recognizes products and companies with successful marketing performance through diverse activities. Such recognition encourages and publicizes outstanding companies and products contributing to the strengthening of the competitive power of Korean companies and development of the overall industry. Amore Pacific has been awarded prizes every year in a wide range of fields, and has been recognized as having the nation's leading marketing power. The awards ceremony was held for two days from July 25 to July 26 at the Convention Center of the Seoul Hilton Hotel.