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Amore Pacific Holds Opening Ceremony for the Year 2003

Company 2003-04-14

Amore Pacific held the opening ceremony for the year 2003 in the auditorium on the 10th floor of the head office with CEO Suh Kyung-bae, executives and employees in attendance. Chairman Suh Kyung-bae delivered the New Year’s Address on behalf of President Suh Sung-whan and exhorted the staff to establish meaningful goals and accept the challenge towards realizing such goals with a new determination. He emphasized that changes and reforms that fit the times must be initiated in order for the company to grow, taking the initiative in this new era where changes are expected and desired. He called on the staff to mold the operational procedures to focus on customer satisfaction and to offer maximum value to customers. He also emphasized that Amore Pacific should strive to achieve a great leap forward as a company that practices prudence, acts promptly, challenges the trend towards globalization and builds trusting relations with customers and earns their respect. He urged the staff to establish a culture of continuous learning that is participated by all and to pursue open communication channels in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Awards were presented to employees who demonstrated outstanding performance during the past year. A total of 13 employees were presented with plaques and prizes for their exceptional contribution to the development of the company through superior business performance. Awards were also presented to those with outstanding records in production and logistics. Meanwhile, plaques and prizes were delivered to those departments that excelled in achieving outstanding customer satisfaction during the past year, along with awards for those employees who have cultivated strong brands. In particular, in the category of Strong Brand for This Year, ‘LANEIGE Fitting Day Twin Cake’ was selected and the honor went to those involved in the marketing, designing and development of its technology. Awards were also presented to those who manifested the most prominent business activities in 2002 and to those departments that excelled in the practice of TCR.