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Amore Pacific Beauty Gallery & Spa Open in New York’s Soho

Brand 2003-09-18

Amorepacific Beauty Gallery & Spa Open in New York’s Soho Amorepacific is opening a beauty gallery & spa in Soho (114 Spring Street), New York City, in September 2003. Some 86 languages are simultaneously spoken in Soho and the area is a hub for artists’ gatherings and performances around every ally, as well as a market that is coveted by world’s best luxury brands, which eagerly seek to open shops in the area. The gallery is designed to open naturally to passersby and exhibit the goods through a screen, and the wood decorated dome-style ceiling signifies the energy exuding out of the wood. The spa booths’ red color, after Amorepacific’s chief ingredient in its products, red ginseng, gives the impression of being in a museum gallery. Yabu Pushelburg who designed the W hotel in New York, a rave among the fashion lovers, is in charge of the interior design. The Asian Botanical Mixing Bar stocks diverse concentrates obtained from 10 types of coveted Asian herbal roots. After counseling, concoctions made from the mixture of these concentrates to suit the individual skin type, are used to make facial masks, which are used to allow those interested to experience the “Five Energy Healing Therapy.” Amorepacific began to publicize its brand identity since last March in New York City, through hiring beauty and fashion editors to write for its products, in magazines such as “WWD (Women’s Wear Daily),” “W,” and “Happi,” with much public favor. A carefully selected cadre of 114 celebrities are visiting and experiencing what the center has to offer, since August after its soft opening. Amorepacific also opened a store in New York City’s most luxurious department store, “Bergdorf Goodman,” on September 9, after launching the Soho beauty gallery & spa. Amorepacific has thus been able to set its foot, as a prestigious global brand from Asia, in New York City, the trend-setting Mecca of the world. Amorepacific is currently selling its brand products in 4 locations in Korea - Galleria Department Store, located in Apkujung-dong, Hyundai Department Store (Mok-dong), and Shinsegae Department Store (Kangnam and Inchon).