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Laneige Appoints Travel YouTuber Won Ji as Cream Skin Ambassador

Brand 2024-04-22
  • Product Campaign for the Brand’s Bestseller, in Collaboration with a Representative Creator

Laneige, a functional beauty brand offering new beauty experiences, has appointed travel creator ‘Won Ji’ as the ambassador for its flagship product, Cream Skin.

Won Ji is a travel creator who runs the YouTube channel ‘Won Ji’s Day’. With over 850,000 followers, she has also appeared on various entertainment programs such as ‘World Dice Tour’. The secrets to her popularity have been cited with her firm tastes, unique tone, and captivating content without excessive elements.

The ‘Laneige Cream Skin Cerapeptide™ Refiner is Laneige’s flagship bestseller, boasting cumulative sales of 3.9 million units and ranking first in brand repurchase rate. Utilizing technology encapsulating a whole jar of cream into a toner, the product deeply moisturizes the skin from the first step of skincare after cleansing. Won Ji decided to collaborate with Laneige after personally using Cream Skin product for a month.

Through the collaboration with brand ambassador Won Ji, Laneige has redefined the slogan for Cream Skin as ‘Lazy, but not dry!’. They plan to further promote the comfort and superior moisturizing power of Cream Skin through various campaigns.

As Laneige’s Cream Skin ambassador, Won Ji expressed her excitement, stating, ‘It is my policy to only promote products that I am satisfied with enough to purchase, use, and recommend to others. I have been only using Laneige Cream Skin lately, as it relieves skin tightness with just a toner and leaves it fresh and moisturized. I fell in love with the product performance to the extent that I apply it generously on my makeup pads and sleep with it on, and even use it all over my body in place of body lotion.

A Laneige brand official stated, ‘Cream Skin is characterized by its excellent moisturizing power, making it easy for anyone to achieve moisturized skin without much effort. The reason we proposed Won Ji for the ambassadorship with Laneige was because we believed her motto of ‘Lazy, but not stupid’ resonated well with the attributes of the product. Using the product for a month and vouching for its effectiveness, we believe that she is a suitable ambassador as she can authentically represent it.

The Cream Skin ‘hlllo Sticker Pack’ edition, created in collaboration with Won Ji, will be available from today (22nd) on Naver Laneige Store and Zigzag. Additionally, Laneige conducted a photoshoot with Vogue Korea to commemorate Won Ji’s ambassadorship.