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Rosé Basks in Ginseng Heritage, on a Surprise Visit to Sulwhasoo’s Popup Store

Brand 2024-04-15
  • A surprise visit from the star on the 14th at the ‘Sulwhasoo Ginseng Spa Popup Store’, Lotte Department Store Main Branch, Seoul
  • Experiencing Concentrated Ginseng Brightening Serum, the flagship product highlighting Sulwhasoo’s distinctive ginseng research

Global luxury skincare brand Sulwhasoo received a surprise visit from Rosé at the ongoing ‘Ginseng Spa (Insamjang) Popup Store’.

Sulwhasoo's global ambassador, Rosé, visited the Ginseng Spa Popup Store, taking place at Lotte Department Store Main Branch in Seoul on the 14th. Here, Rosé explored various products and attractions where visitors can experience ginseng heritage.

In particular, Rosé personally applied Sulwhasoo's flagship product containing ginseng ingredients, the ‘Concentrated Ginseng Brightening Serum,’ experiencing firsthand the culmination of Sulwhasoo's unparalleled 60-year ginseng research. She also attracted attention by taking photos with the giant ‘SulwhaMon,’ enjoying a spa experience in the ginseng bath.

The ‘Ginseng Spa’ was the highest-grade spa that existed in the 1940s. Sulwhasoo's Ginseng Spa Popup Store is a modern reinterpretation of the noble experience and history of such ginseng spas with a contemporary touch. Each space, such as the "Ginseng Spa Reception," "Sensory Experience Locker Room," and "SulwhaMon Ginseng Bath," offers various contents that allow visitors to enjoy unique interactive experiences.

At the Sulwhasoo Ginseng Spa Popup Store, exclusive promotions and various events are available, including photo spots with SulwhaMon, 100% winning Sulwha lottery tickets, and global ambassador Rosé photo cards only accessible on-site. The popup store runs until April 21st at the Cosmonergy Square, B1F of Lotte Department Store Main Branch in Seoul.