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Amorepacific Announces Positive Research Results of Fermented Ginseng in Skin Lymphatic Activation

R&D 2024-02-06
  • Reveals potential improvement in lymphatic activation and skin health through fermented ginseng ingredients

Amorepacific, in collaboration with the School of Mechanical Engineering at Korea University, has unveiled groundbreaking research demonstrating the impact of lymphatic activation on skin health and the potential skin lymphatic improvement through fermented ginseng ingredients. This research, introducing new possibilities for skin aging and homeostasis maintenance using Lab-on-a-chip technology, was published in 'NPG Asia Materials,' an international journal by the scientific journal Nature. (Paper Title: The advanced 3D lymphatic system for assaying the human cutaneous lymphangiogenesis in the microfluidic platform)

The lymphatic system, a crucial organ for maintaining homeostasis and activating the immune system through circulation and waste removal, plays a significant role in skin health. Disruption in lymphatic circulation within the skin can lead to problems and accelerated aging. However, directly observing changes in living tissue's most profound lymphatic systems has been challenging. The R&I Center at Amorepacific and Professor Chung Seok's laboratory at the School of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University, have been conducting extensive research to elucidate the interdependent relationship between lymph circulation and skin.

The joint research team utilized state-of-the-art human skin structure replication technology and Lab-on-a-chip systems, a type of organoid technology enabling the observation of networks between various cells. In this research, they cultivated human-derived skin cells and 3D lymphatic forming cells under optimal conditions to create a Skin-Lymph-on-a-chip. This enabled the replication of networks between human skin and lymphatic vessels, visually observing the impact of substances applied to the skin on lymphatic formation and activity.

This system, which mimics the network between human skin and lymphatics, can observe the impact of substances applied to the skin on lymphatic formation and check molecular biological changes. Amorepacific's LymphanaxTM, made from ginseng naturally fermented for 500 hours and rich in the lymph-activating component Gypenoside XVII, has been proven to strengthen the skin barrier and aid internal skin circulation, as observed in the Skin-Lymph-on-a-chip system. The joint research team concluded that LymphanaxTM aids in forming healthy lymphatic vessels within the skin and strengthens the skin barrier through additional analysis, including AI algorithms.

Suh Byung-fhy, CTO of Amorepacific's R&I Center, stated, "This research has, for the first time, clarified the correlation between human skin and lymphatic vessels, and particularly, it is meaningful as it confirms the efficacy of ginseng ingredients, a subject of long-term research by Amorepacific. Based on the achievements in the skin biofield from this research, Amorepacific will continue to strive to provide innovative solutions for the health and beauty of customers worldwide."

Meanwhile, LymphanaxTM, whose efficacy was confirmed in this study, is currently being used as a critical ingredient in the Sulwhasoo brand.