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LANEIGE and WWF Sign International Sponsorship Partnership for Marine Conservation

Sustainability 2023-06-16
  • Expanding marine conservation activities to three countries and carrying out marine conservation efforts within each local community.

Laneige, Amorepacific’s global brand which delivers new beauty experiences, has signed an international sponsorship partnership for marine conservation with WWF(World Wide Fund for Nature).

Through this partnership, Laneige will conduct marine conservation activities in three countries: Korea, China and Thailand.

Laneige has been carrying out various activities over the last decade to improve drinking water in water-stressed countries globally and to protect sustainable water resources. In 2020, it signed a mid-to long-term partnership with WWF-Korea (World Wide Fund for Nature Korea Headquarters) and adopted Cheongpodae Beach in Taean National Park, Chungnam as a designated beach. After research on marine debris of Cheongpodae beach and year-round regular cleanups, 235 tons of marine debris was removed within last year.

Through this partnership, Laneige will expand its current marine conservation activities to from Korea to China, and Thailand. The brand continues to carry out Cheongpodae beach cleanups in Taean, Korea this year, and plans to hold a plogging event with the participation of Amorepacific executives and employees on the 22d of June. In China, Laneige is set to sponsor WWF-China’s ‘Blue Planet Fund’, a program that funds research institues and organizations working to conserve sustainable marine resources. As part of this partnership, Laneige and Amorepacific executives and employees will actively participate in plogging activities in Sanya, Hainan Province. In Thailand, a marine conservation community will be established, focusing on 10 communities and schools located around the Gulf of Thailand and Andaman coast. The initiative will provide support for public awareness campaigns and waste collection activities, with the goal of collecting 90 tons of marine debris on an annual basis.

Laneige is committed to creating a sustainable environment and an equitable society, fully embracing its social responsibility as a brand and celebrating the beauty of diverse global customers.

WWF (World Wide Fund for Nauture) is the world’s largest nonprofit wildlife conservation organization. WWF-Korea, established in 2014, is actively promoting the development of a sustainable business model through various partnerships with experts in diverse fields. It is currently carrying out activities to conserve species and habitats and drive changes in production methods, and is the primary driving force of the “EARTH HOUR” campaign, a global initiative to turn off lights to raise people’s awareness on the climate crisis.