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Amorepacific Museum of Art presents APMA, CHAPTER FOUR – FROM THE APMA COLLECTION, a special show on its contemporary art collection

Company 2023-05-31
  • APMA reveals its vast collection that explores the full spectrum of contemporary art, including large-scale paintings and sculptures that overpower the exhibition space.

The Amorepacific Museum of Art (hereafter, APMA) is pleased to present APMA, CHAPTER FOUR – FROM THE APMA COLLECTION, a special exhibition that brings together its contemporary art collection. The collection will be on view for roughly two months from May 25th to July 30th, 2023.

APMA, CHAPTER FOUR is the fourth of the APMA collection series, which commenced in February 2019. This special exhibit on the APMA collection, which is making a comeback after two years, will unveil never-before-seen large-scale paintings and sculptures. Focusing on the pieces produced after 2000, the show consists of latest works of art that the museum has acquired over the years. Through this exhibition, APMA seeks to shed light on the diverse array of contemporary art that has blossomed in the last twenty years.

37 works are on show across seven gallery rooms, ranging from painting, installation, sculpture, to video. Artworks are also displayed in different parts of the museum beside the exhibition halls, encouraging viewers to see the ordinary space from a fresh perspective. Hyun Moonphil, Head of the Art Department at APMA, said, “I hope this exhibition provides viewers with an opportunity to discover a new sense by seeing large-scale modern artworks that overpower the space.”

In Exhibition Room 1, visitors can not only look at major works, such as Rhein III, a monumental photograph by Andreas Gursky, but also works by Anne Imhof, Andrea Zittel, and Rosemarie Trockel. Room 2 presents the work of three artists who have established their own sui generis painting styles—Robert Janitz, Sarah Morris, and Steven Harrington, and in Room 3, visitors can find sculpture by Lauren Halsey and painting by Matthew Day Jackson who has expanded the scope of painting.

Exhibition Rooms 4 and 5 present sculptural and painted works that embody a broad range of themes and formal experiments. Artworks like The Painter, Fig 2, a sculpture by Elmgreen & Dragset, as well as Orange Aerobic Shower by Katherine Bernhardt, offer an overwhelming experience to viewers. Room 6 features large-scale works that express their message through the shared medium of text, including Barbara Kruger’s digital print, Untitled (FOREVER), and the works of Joseph Kosuth, and Adam Pendleton.

In the section between Gallery 7 and the corridor, viewers can encounter various other works ranging from the sculpture of Annie Morris, who has investigated the female body as a psychological space; to the video installation work of William Kentridge, who reinterprets the vestiges of colonial history as a theatrical stage; and also a neon sculpture by Iván Navarro. The work of Jeppe Hein, You Can Truly Make a Difference, is intentionally placed in a space in front of the elevator that viewers must take before they exit to leave them with a lasting impression.

Through an event that spotlights this diversity of contemporary art in one setting, APMA hopes to take part in an artistic journey. For comfortable viewing of the APMA collection, reservation made via APMA’s official website ( is recommended for all visitors.

[Exhibition Overview]
▶ Period: May 25 (THU) through July 30 (SUN), 2023
▶ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (ticket counter closes at 17:30). APMA is closed on Mondays.
▶ Location: Amorepacific Museum of Art (100 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea)
▶ Reservation: APMA’s official website (

▶ Admission

Price KRW 12,000 KRW 10,000 KRW 6,000 Free
Type Adults (over 19 years) Students (7-18 years) Children (3-6 years)
Persons of national merit and those with disabilities
Babies under 36 months and
ICOM card* holders

*ICOM card: Card given to members of the International Council of Museums

▶ Mobile application guide: Download the free APMA Guide
▶ Inquiries: Amorepacific Museum of Art / +82-2-6040-2345 /
▶ What’s on view: 37 major contemporary artworks from the APMA collection, including Elmgreen & Dragset’s The Painter, Fig. 2 (2021), Rosemarie Trockel’s A Bush is a Bear, Study for A Bush is a Bear (2016) and Anne Imhof's Clouds lll (2022), Urs Fischer’s Honest Kids (2022), Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (FOREVER) (2017), and Katherine Bernhardt’s Orange Aerobic Shower (2022).