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HERA launches new Sensual Nude lip products

Brand 2023-01-03
  • New products include Sensual Nude Balm, a moisturizing lip balm made from ingredients with hydrating effect and Sensual Nude Gloss for voluminous makeup
  • Born to be Free campaign videos and pictorials featuring HERA global brand ambassador Jennie to be released

Amorepacific's contemporary Seoul beauty brand HERA releases Sensual Nude line as the first new products for the year 2023.

The new Sensual Nude products include Sensual Nude Balm, a clear-colored moisturizing lip balm, and Sensual Nude Gloss for plump lips.

Sensual Nude Balm, which comes in seven colors, contains moisturizing ingredients such as evening primrose oil and phytosterol, enabling its moisturizing effect to last up to 30 hours. No. 112 Born Free color is formulated to contain 10,000 ppm of ceramide with a strong moisturizing effect that keeps the lips hydrated until the next day. The new lip balm is available in colors, which are like transparent and clear glass beads including No. 112 Born Free that blends naturally with the color of your lips. Its melting formula that melts and glides smoothly on your lips makes it easy for anyone to apply it.

Sensual Nude Gloss is a lip gloss that gives a sense of volume to your lips with its clear and shiny gloss, which you can use to create a plumping makeup look. It is less sticky unlike other lip gloss products and more adhesive and is made with skin-caring ingredients which keep your lips comfortable even after makeup. The new gloss comes in four colors that can create a refined lip makeup for any skin tone.

Sensational videos and pictorials featuring brand's global ambassador, Jennie will be released through HERA official channel on December 28. Centering on the campaign message of Born to be Free, the content captures the characteristics of Sensual Nude products that anyone can use freely and easily. Jennie is expected to show her natural, free, and confident self without any exaggeration.

The new HERA Sensual Nude line was pre-released on December 28 exclusively through Kakao Talk Gift in a special gift package. Starting from January 1, 2023, they are available on and offline channels such as at the department stores, Amore Mall, and the official Naver Smart Store for HERA in Korea. In addition, customers in over 60 countries can also purchase the new product line through the HERA Global Mall.