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From the Origin of the Brand to Its Completion, Sulwhasoo Launches a Brand Campaign to Declare Its Reinterpreted Identity and Universe

Brand 2022-08-31
  • Kicking off a #SulwhasooRebloom campaign to communicate the brand’s origin and identity
  • Introducing two types of manifesto films to show the brand’s attempt to embody and convey its narrative on the beginning and completion of Sulwhasoo

In September, Sulwhasoo, a global luxury skincare brand, is to launch a campaign titled #SulwhasooRebloom with brand manifesto films reinterpreting the birth and spirit of the brand.

The campaign will deliver messages through the two films to solidify the brand’s starting point and unlock the foundation of the brand universe has built.

Sulwhasoo is an iconic brand that presents fundamental solutions to skin concerns and conveys the value of aesthetics beyond beauty towards the level of art and culture. It is Korea’s representative beauty brand grown over the years catering to women’s needs in their lifecycle, achieving wide-ranging records of being the first and the best. Its campaign aims to provide an opportunity for existing and new customers to look at the brand from a different angle so that the clarity of Sulwhasoo's existence could be firmly instilled.

To this end, Sulwhasoo breaks the conventional campaign formula to release two manifesto films at the same time. Although the two films have different techniques and methods expressed, they share a common story about the start and completion of the brand.

We lived it. You live it.

The first one is a global brand manifesto film titled <FROM 1932 TO YOU>, which comprehensively expresses Sulwhasoo’s historical milestones and various personas of women by time. It embodies the aura of Sulwhasoo’s distinguished brand heritage. It all started from a journey of a single drop that began in 1932 with camellia oil, which was extracted and sold by Yoon Dokjeong, the mother of Sulwhasoo’s founder Suh Sungwhan, in Kaesong. The journey manifests Sulwhasoo’s presence in the lives of so many women over a long time. The journey begins with the moment when a modern woman uses cosmetics. And the journey is expressed with a powerful and impactful reverse technique that goes back to the past and sensibly depicts the historical moments toward beauty that Sulwhasoo has trodden on with a woman’s pioneering spirit.

A Woman Making Pottery Reblooms as a Flower

Meanwhile, the global brand ambassador film is titled <A Man Born from Mother Earth Becomes a Flower>. It cinematically expresses and tells the journey of the start and completion of the brand using metaphorical symbols. The beautiful images and an intriguing story have been created through such elements as “mother earth,” “snow,” and “flowers” to touch upon the source of the brand, which began with the spirit of “flowers blooming in the snow,” and its corresponding philosophy. Sulwhasoo’s new global ambassador ROSÉ sensibly expressed the brand’s spirit and image through the film.

“Soil” as the basis for and the start of all terrestrial lives including humans symbolizes the essence and birth of the brand, while “snow” means the journey that has driven the hardship for what the brand is today and the achievement that originated from its endurance. Lastly, “flowers” in full bloom despite the snow show the current facets of Sulwhasoo that has inherited the pioneering spirit and its image as the heir that is committed to carrying on the journey of beauty.

A Journey of Creation, Inheritance, and Circulation

The two videos seem to have different directions with completely different narrative development and techniques. However, both are organically linked with a common purpose. Madam Yun Dokjeong’s pioneering spirit, which began with camellia oil, is aligned with the energy of soil which is the source of all starts and symbolizes the essence and birth of the brand. Snow is not only the journey that has driven the hardship for Sulwhasoo to be what it is today but also the exaltation over the achievement the brand has made so far. The journey that has set numerous first and best records as the history of strong tenacity and passion is embedded in the snow. This beautiful journey finally penetrates the snow and blooms into flowers, completing the shape of how Sulwhasoo looks today.

A source from the Sulwhasoo brand noted, “This campaign is about showing our journey to reach out to the beauty of our customers by inheriting the pioneering spirit. It is also the brand’s commitment to inherit our spirit and move through its own philosophy and heritage. Just as Sulwhasoo began with a woman’s dream of beauty, we hope that all the customers who come across this campaign will be reminded of what dream they would like to achieve in their life, and bloom to the fullest as the word ‘Sulwhasoo’ or ‘snow flowers in full bloom’ connote.”

Sulwhasoo and ROSÉ

Having opted for a slightly distinctive approach and moving from the norm, Sulwhasoo’s pick for its new model is also unique. K-pop artist ROSÉ from BLACKPINK who continues to have an unrivaled record as a band member and soloist has joined the brand as its new global ambassador.

Sulwhasoo even considered the authenticity of the brand to be manifested by its model after a careful selection process to pick someone that can be well aligned with the brand. Sulwhasoo paid attention to how ROSÉ has been pioneering and ambitious in pursuing her dream to become who she is as a talented artist today, which, Sulwhasoo recognized, was in line with its pioneering spirit. Sulwhasoo gave her a role as a brand storyteller who can touch upon every facet of the brand beyond simply serving as a product ambassador emphasizing product efficacy and envisioning its image.

“It is an honor for me to be with Sulwhasoo as its brand global ambassador of the products which not only my mom but also myself have been using for a long time. It is such a great delight and pleasant opportunity. I was at first not confident about how well I could play the role in the advertisement shooting for the brand I have cherished all the time. But this shooting experience was super fun and inspirational. I am also curious about how today’s video story would unfold in the future.”

ROSÉ said she is a long-time authentic user of First Care Activating Serum, an iconic product from Sulwhasoo. She vividly remembers the scent of a skincare product she smelled on her mother’s cheek as a child. It was the scent of First Care Activating Serum. ROSÉ has a firm beauty philosophy that she does not switch to another product once she finds a product that fits her skin, and First Care Activating Serum has surely become a must-have beauty item on her dressing table.

“Exceptionally beautiful flowers that bloomed in snow.” Sulwhasoo will take off its old attire and bloom anew. Just like a glorious process of a flower blossoming and blooming from the soil, Sulwhasoo’s beautiful journey for customers began in 1932. We look forward to Sulwhasoo’s beautiful moves down the road to reflect on its unique spirit and identity through two different films and also to continue the ongoing narrative like a beautiful orchestra creating harmony with two different instruments. Sulwhasoo's brand campaign will be lived on Sulwhasoo's official channel (@sulwhasoo.official) on 1st Sept.