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Amorepacific Develops World’s First Touch Sensor that Measures Skin Sensation

R&D 2022-01-26
  • By conducting joint research with UNIST and publishing paper in internationally renowned journal ‘ACS Nano’
  • Bringing innovation in the beauty industry through technology digitalizing human skin sensation

Amorepacific developed an intelligent touch sensor that can measure skin sensation for the first time in the world. This sensor will enable developing cosmetic products that further adjusts how products feel against the skin with more precision.

The intelligent touch sensor is a measurement technology that utilizes machine learning. It recognizes the level of coolness and moisture felt by the human skin as well as types of solvents and converts them into digital value. It is ultra-thin making it extremely flexible, while it also allows for stable measurement even under outside pressure or deformation so that it also sticks onto the skin. This is an accomplishment achieved in collaboration with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) Professor Hyunhyub en’s research group, which has cutting-edge sensor technology that can simulate human skin.

Amorepacific has been dedicated to quantifying and digitizing the human subjective sensation for a long time. Amorepacific R&I Center CTO Park Young-ho said, “the sensor can accurately compare and measure the level of coolness or warmth delivered by cosmetic products, and therefore, provide objective results” and added, “we will continue to deliver innovation based on integrating with cutting-edge technology and gathering data.”

The paper, ‘Flexible Pyroresistive Graphene Composites for Artificial Thermosensation Differentiating Materials and Solvent Types,’ was published online on January 12 in the internationally renowned journal ACS Nano (IF:15.881).