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Amorepacific Group Launches Its Luxury Beauty Brand Sulwhasoo Across India With Nykaa

Company 2020-07-13
  • Amorepacific Group expands its brand portfolio in India by launching Sulwhasoo with Nykaa
  • Sulwhasoo to present its unique vision of ageless beauty inspired by timeless wisdom to Indian customers through its innovative skincare range

Global beauty company, Amorepacific Group (hereafter, Amorepacific) announced today the launch of Sulwhasoo in India.

In a bid to further its inroads into the Indian market, Amorepacific – the largest beauty company in Korea – launched its luxury beauty brand Sulwhasoo in India exclusively with Nykaa. Prior to the current Sulwhasoo launch, Amorepacific has launched its beauty brands such as innisfree in 2013, Laneige in 2018 and Etude in 2019 in India.

Sulwhasoo is Amorepacific’s signature luxury brand. 50 years of dedicated research on legendary Korean Ginseng and rare element from the scarce plant, Sulwhasoo formulates innovative skin solution by infusing wisdom and modern science, awake skin’s radiance that is from confidence with healthy glow.

Sulwhasoo is set to spread its vision of ageless beauty inspired by timeless wisdom to the Indian market through Nykaa, the leading omni-channel beauty retailer in India. The Pan India market will be covered by the online launch of the brand from July 13, 2020. In addition, Nykaa Luxe store launch is planned for mid-August in Delhi and end of 2020 in Mumbai. The offerings in the Indian Market boasts of the brand’s star product, First Care Activating Serum (1 bottle of this product is sold every 10 seconds in Korea) and other signature products such as Concentrated Ginseng Renewing line and Essential line, to name a few. The details of Sulwhasoo’s two hero products are as follows:

  • First Care Activating Serum: Launched in 1997 to inaugurate the boosting serum category, Sulwhasoo’s First Care Activating Serum contains JAUM Balancing Complex™, which combines five ingredients carefully selected from 3,000 herbs in traditional Korean medicine. The Sacred Lotus, Peony, Solomon’s Seal, White Lily and Rehmannia makeup up the trademarked JAUM Balancing Complex™ in this serum. The product, to be used as a first-step of skincare after washing, effectively achieves the skin balance to give a radiant glow.
  • Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream: Sulwhasoo has invested in 50 years of research in order to transform the legendary ginseng ingredient into an innovative skincare solution. Sulwhasoo has made a scientific breakthrough by studying not just the ginseng root that has been recognized for its exceptional efficacies, but also its leaves, stems, flowers and berries that others have overlooked. The pinnacle of this is the Sulwhasoo’s Concentrated Gingseng Renewing Cream, which works as a potent anti-aging cream.

“We are delighted to introduce Amorepacific’s signature brand, Sulwhasoo, in India. While Innisfree, Laneige and Etude brands are running active on Nykaa, a leading retailer in the Indian beauty market, we are pleased adding Sulwhasoo that will bring luxury skincare to our Indian consumers - with over 50 years of experience in the brand history. I believe our customers in India are going to experience Sulwhasoo’s unique beauty solutions and to create more sophisticated and healthier skincare routines in future.” said Michael Youngsoo Kim, Head of Amorepacific APAC RHQ.

“In recent years, Nykaa has led the Korean beauty conversation in India, focusing on educating Indian customers on the novelty of the products and ingredients. This has resulted in an incremental growth of the skincare category as our customers become more demanding and discerning about their choices. We are very excited to launch Sulwhasoo in India with its unique and innovative solutions which are sure to delight our customers” said Falguni Nayar, Founder & CEO of Nykaa.

As a leading global beauty company, Amorepacific furthered the popularity of Asian Beauty across the globe with its 74-year legacy and innovative, customer-centric technologies. Ranked in Forbes’ list of the World's 100 Most Innovative Companies for four consecutive years, the company has transformed daily skincare routines across the globe through category innovations such Boosting Serums, Sleeping Masks and Cushion Compacts, which have disrupted the global beauty market.