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Amorepacific obtains NET certification for its new skin brightening ingredient

R&D 2016-06-21
  • Development of a new skin brightening ingredient mimicking Kazinol F found in paper mulberry
  • A new effective brightening product based on advanced technology will be soon introduced

Amorepacific Corporation (CEO Shim Sang-bae) obtained NET (New Excellent Technology) certification for the development of new ‘Kazinol F mimicking skin brightening diphenyl amide-based ingredient’.Hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and organized by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the 2016 NET Certification Awards was held June 21 at the Korea Health Industry Development Institute located in Osong-eup, Cheongju-si, Chungchengbuk-do, Korea.

Since Amorepacific discovered the extracts from the bark and the root of paper mulberry contain kazinol F that is greatly effective for skin brightening, the company used it for its brightening products based on clinical demonstration. This time, Amorepacific developed a new skin brightening ingredient that mimics the Kazinol F by using a 3D molecular modeling. This ingredient is far more stabilized and has better skin brightening effect than Kazinol F. Amorepacific proved its effect and safety through cell, artificial skin testing and clinical demonstration.

Currently, 6 domestic patents and 11 international patents are pending on this technology and 7 SCI (Science Citation Index) level papers have already been published to prove the high level of innovation behind this new ingredient. This technology will soon be applied to the products of AESTURA – a medical beauty cosmetics brand for hospitals and medical clinics.

"This NET certification means that Amorepacific's sincere efforts to develop new beauty ingredients has been been globally recognized. We'll continue to introduce new justable outcome effective functional cosmetics with our own original and distinguished technology," said Lee Jon-whan, the director of Amorepacific Corporation Applied Research Center.

NET (New Excellent Technology) certification is national certification given to new health science technologies developed for the first time in Korea. By discovering and acknowledging new technologies developed by Korean companies, research institutes and universities, it provides a boost to commercialization and trade of technology and, at the same time, supports them in breaking into new markets. Amorepacific has obtained NET certification for its own and the world's technology for making composite powder with enhanced sebum absorption and coverage in January 2016.