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Amorepacific Corporation successfully holds the 2016 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Busan

CSR 2016-04-24

    Festival to raise public awareness of breast health

    • First Pink Ribbon campaign for 2016 with 5,000 Busan citizens
    • Pink Ribbon Love Marathon begins a relay around five cities (Busan in April / Daejeon in May / Gwangju in June / Daegu in September / Seoul in October)

The first event of 2016 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Series, organized by Amorepacific Corporation (COO Shim Sang-bae) and hosted by the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation (Chairman Noh Dong-young, took place at the Busan Yachting Center on the morning of April 24. The event aimed to provide useful information about breast health and raise awareness of the importance of self-examination.

Celebrating its 16th anniversary, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon is the showpiece event of Amorepacific Corporation's Pink Ribbon campaign. As breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in among Korean women, the campaign was initiated to raise public awareness of breast cancer and the importance of self-examination. This year, the marathon series began from Busan and will tour four more cities throughout the year. – Daejeon in May, Gwangju in June, Daegu in September and Seoul in October. The entry fees collected from the participants will be donated to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation to fund the surgery and treatment of breast cancer patients from low-income families and the campaign project.

In the presence of the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation officials and Park Shin-hye, the model for the brand Mamonde, Amorepacific Corporation declared this year's slogan “Promise for Breast Health” to emphasize the importance of maintaining breast health through regular self-examination.

Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Busan successfully ended as a festival for 5,000 local Busan citizens offering many fun and informative activities a women’s breast health.It provided useful information about breast healthcare and self-examination, as well as free breast cancer consulting/checkup, while many sponsor brands such as HERA and ARITAUM helped raise awareness of the importance of breast health through various events. Women attended the event with their family members to enjoy the marathon and highlight the importance of women’s healthy beauty.

"Thanks to all the support and encouragement of Busan citizens and people from all walks of life over the last 16 years, the Pink Ribbon campaign has grown into a renowned campaign supporting awareness of the importance of breast health," said director Kim Jeong-ho from Amorepacific Corporation Growth Support Division. "In return for the love that customers have given to Amorepacific, we will continue to take the lead in corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that can support the healthy beauty of women."

Amorepacific Corporation invested its entire foundation fund in 2000 to establish the first NGO for breast health, namely the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation, as a taken of thanks for the love it has received over the years from female customers that made it the No.1 cosmetics company in Korea. It has since promoted the Pink Ribbon campaign to improve public awareness of breast health. The largest Pink Ribbon campaign event, Pink Ribbon Love Marathon, provides useful information about breast healthcare, with all entry fees collected through the marathon being donated, including the Matching Gift of Amorepacific and contributions from partners to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation. Over the years, Amorepacific Corporation has donated KRW 2.9 billion collected from 275,000 participants to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation and, by doing so, it has contributed to promoting the culture of sharing and raising public awareness of the importance of breast health.

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