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AMOREPACIFIC held Korea-China Ginseng Research Symposium

R&D 2015-12-16

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center (COO Shim Sang-bae) held the 2015 Korea-China Ginseng Research Symposium today (December 16) and hosted presentations on various subjects related to ginseng, the company's heritage material. This symposium was held at the Goo Yong-seop Hall in the AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center 2nd building, MIZIUM.

The Korea-China Ginseng Research Symposium, the first-time event, was hosted with an aim to explore various historical and cultural records related to ginseng in both countries, while also sharing the current state of related industries and research findings and setting the strategic direction for the future. Many experts from both countries attended the symposium as speakers, including Dr. Sun Weidong, vice chairman of the Tonghua Ginseng Culture Research Society of China, Prof. Piao Renzhe of Yanbian University, Prof. Ok Soon-jong of Sogang University, Prof. Kim Yoon-yeong of Chungang University, Prof. Yang Deok-choon of Kyunghee University, and Dr. Cho Si-yeong of Beauty Food R&D Team of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center.

The program of this event includes: the history of the use of ginseng in China based on various documentation and the historical and cultural analysis of Korean ginseng; China's strategy for developing the rapidly growing Chinese ginseng industry; the current state of ginseng studies in Korea and future R&D direction; discussion on the development of global ginseng products and discussion on the values of ginseng fruits and pursuit of innovative new applications.

"I see this symposium as providing a fantastic opportunity to hold in-depth discussions on ginseng, which is Korea's representative medicinal herb and AMOREPACIFIC's heritage material, as well as showing global customers the true value of Korean ginseng," said Hahn Sang-hoon, director of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center. "We will continue our commitment to a wide range of R&D activities on our heritage materials so that we can better reach our global customers.”

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has a firm commitment to bringing the invaluable qualities of ginseng to customers through the best products. AMOREPACIFIC Corporation introduced ABC Ginseng Cream, the world's first cosmetics made from ginseng, in 1966, and has long been engaged in the research and development of ginseng and Oriental medicine since then. This commitment led to the creation of Sulwhasoo in 1997, the holistic beauty brand presenting beauty of harmony and balance based on Asian philosophy and wisdom. The main products of Sulwhasoo use ginseng-related technologies, such as bio-convergence technology featuring ginseng and Ginsenomics™.