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AMOREPACIFIC held Heritage Beauty Science Forum

R&D 2015-11-18

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (COO Shim Sang-bae) R&D Center held its Heritage Beauty Science Forum on November 18 to present the results of its research work in association with the world’s leading experts on botanical resources indigenous to Korea. This forum, which was co-hosted by the Gyeonggi Center for Anti-Aging Industry, was held at Goo Yong-seop Hall in the AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center 2nd building, MIZIUM.

Held for the first time, Heritage Beauty Science Forum was attended by Professor Lee Hyeong-ju, Professor Lee Gi-won and Doctor Kim Jong-eun at Seoul National University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Professor Kim Nam-il at Kyung Hee University, College of Oriental Medicine and team leader Park Jun-seong from AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center, Heritage Material Research Team.

The forum included a presentation on research findings on new anti-aging effects and whitening effects in AMOREPACIFIC’s heritage ingredients such as ginseng and beans.

The research has been conducted for 4 years since 2012 in collaboration with the Nobel laureate in Chemistry, Dr. Robert Huber at Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry. Another presentation talked about the outlook for oriental medicine-based cosmetics and its definition in both historical and cultural contexts.

"Heritage Beauty Science Forum promises to be a landmark meeting, as it brings together AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center's research into Korean native botanical resources – ginseng and bean – and marks the culmination of ongoing research conducted with top research groups in Korea and abroad. AMOREPACIFIC R&D Center will continue to make its utmost effort to promote the beauty and health of customers all around the world," said Han Sang-hun, director of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation R&D Center.

The main research topics presented at this forum include the research into the anti-wrinkle effect through enhancingin AMPK phosphorylation in rare ginseng saponin, Compound K and moisturizing effect through Src activation; research into the skin-whitening effect acquired through the control of Rho-family GTPases in Ginsenoside F1; study on new anti-aging target protein (Flt3) in Coumestrol, one of the defensive components found in beans and its anti-wrinkle effect and study on a new anti-aging target protein (PKCι) in isoflavone metabolome (known as ODI) found in long-fermented soy paste in minute quantities and its whitening mechanism.