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Xinmin Elementary School in Ludian County, China has a new classroom with the completion of AMORE Building

CSR 2015-10-23

A ceremony was held on October 20, 2015 to celebrate the completion of the AMORE Building Project at Xinmin Elementary School, which was undertaken as part of the reconstruction work at Ludian County, Yunnan Province, China, following the devastation caused there by a recent earthquake. The ceremony featured a signboard hanging event with honored guests including AMOREPACIFIC China (APC) President Charles Kao, APC Vice President Kim Seung-soo, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Zhaotong City Committee Vice President Yan Shangli, Zhaotong City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Director Wang Li, Deputy Governor of Ludian County Ma Han, Chinese Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Resources Development Department Chief Manager Ding Yadong, and Xinmin Elementary School Principal Chen Yunquan.

As the largest cosmetics company in Korea with 70 years of history, AMOREPACIFIC has fulfilled its social responsibility in many areas from the welfare of women to culture and nature conservation. Xinmin Elementary School AMORE Building was made possible thanks to the donation of CNY 2 million from APC which was given to help rebuild the Chinese region which had suffered badly from a recent earthquake.

It is now a year since an earthquake hit Ludian County, Yunnan Province, China. Before the AMORE Building was built, students of Xinmin Elementary School took classes in a provisional building. Now, with the construction completed, students are able to study in new classrooms. AMOREPACIFIC China President Charles Kao said that APC was grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of Ludian’s local community. Students will study in a comforting and warm environment, despite the cold winter weather outside.

"Many students used to not be able to afford school supplies. Thanks to AMOREPACIFIC members providing generous amounts of exercise books and supplies, students will be able to study without worrying about supplies for a while," said Xinmin Elementary School Principal Chen Yunquan in expression of his gratefulness.

After the completion ceremony ended, members of AMOREPACIFIC volunteered to provide students of Xinmin Elementary School with an interesting art class. As local students had only ever taken classes in the core curriculum, they enjoyed the art class above all else. They also participated in many programs together with special guests who attended the ceremony. APC President Charles Kao gave heartfelt gifts to students and shared stories from his own childhood. Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Zhaotong City Committee Vice President Yan Shangli told a story about jasmine to help students understand more about AMOREPACIFIC.

Established in 1945, AMOREPACIFIC is the largest cosmetics company in Korea and has a history spanning 70 years. Following its entry into China some 20 years ago, the group has provided Chinese consumers with products and services through its seven mainstream brands (Sulwhasoo, LANEIGE, Mamonde, IOPE, Ryo, innisfree and ETUDE HOUSE). What’s more, it actively promotes CSR programs in many areas, from the welfare of women to culture and nature conservation.

Over the last five years, AMOREPACIFIC China has promoted the renowned CSR program of AMOREPACIFIC Group – Makeup Your Life in China. This campaign is designed to help female cancer patients regain their confidence and beauty by teaching them how to take care of their skin and do makeup so that they can recover not only their health, but also improve their lives.

AMOREPACIFIC has great interest in inheriting and protecting local culture. Affiliated brand Sulwhasoo established Pocket Money Cinema to support children who have a dream of entering the film world, while innisfree promotes Million Tree Project and GREENCYCLE campaigns as part of efforts to conserve nature.

AMOREPACIFIC has taken an active part in social services and relief activities for victims of large natural disasters over the years and, as a result, has contributed to local communities in China. AMOREPACIFIC made donations for the reconstruction of earthquake-hit areas – Wenchuan County in 2008, Yushu Prefecture in 2010, Ya'an in 2013 and Ludian County in 2014.

AMOREPACIFIC will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility with a strong sense of vocation as Asian Beauty Creator to spread positive energy across society and make greater contributions to China.