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AMOREPACIFIC and Parfums Christian Dior Sign a Strategic Partnership Agreement

Company 2015-06-17

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation and Parfums Christian Dior announced the signing of an MOU at the headquarters of AMOREPACIFIC in Seoul, a significant step towards a strategic partnership between the two global players.

Upon the MOU, AMOREPACIFIC offers its innovative ‘Cushion’ technology to Parfums Christian Dior. The two global cosmetics companies – both leading players in Asia and Europe respectively - expect that this newfound strategic partnership will bring a plethora of innovative beauty experiences to the broader customer base around the world, and help both companies to further strengthen their growth trajectory in the global cosmetics market.

“This agreement holds great significance in that our ‘Cushion’ technology is appreciated by one of the world’s most respected luxury brand companies and a powerhouse in the global beauty industry,” said Sang-Bae Shim, President of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation, adding that AMOREPACIFIC will continue to invest in developing cutting-edge modern technologies such as the ‘Cushion’ to create our vision of ‘New Beauty.’

The ‘Cushion,’ developed by AMOREPACIFIC, refers to a revolutionary make-up compact built with a specially-designed sponge that safely contains and preserves a liquid formula comprised of foundation, sun protection and various skincare ingredients. Since the launch of the ’IOPE AirCushion®’ in 2008, AMOREPACIFIC Group has so far introduced ‘Cushion’ products under 13 different in-house brands. The ‘Cushion’ has gained unprecedented popularity around the world, giving birth to the creation of a new make-up category. AMOREPACIFIC has submitted 143 patent applications and currently holds 14 patents registered in both South Korea and abroad.