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Korea’s Leading Premium Hair Care Brand Ryo Makes Stronger Inroads into China by Launching Ant-hair loss Line

Brand 2015-05-21

AMOREPACIFIC announced today that its premium hair care brand Ryo will make stronger inroads into the Chinese premium hair care market this July 2015 with the launch of its Anti-hair loss line, one of the best-selling anti-hair loss shampoos in Korea. Charles Kao, General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC China & Taiwan, said “As Ryo widens its product range in China, AMOREPACIFIC will again expand our brand portfolio here, and we hope to provide a wider beauty experience for our Chinese customers.”

Ryo is the leading hair care brand that holds over 40% of the Korean herbal medicine shampoo market. It remains on top among the Korean herbal medicine shampoo brands for six consecutive years since its launch in 2008. With the recently growing interest and needs for scalp care and hair loss treatments, the brand is highly regarded by various customers ranging from young generations to the middle-aged.

Since its launch in China in 2013, Ryo has been offering a variety of products such as Total-Anti aging, Damage Care, and Hair Strengthener lines through home shopping, online and offline channels. Ryo has built a solid foundation as AMOREPACIFIC’s global brand with its launches in Japan in 2012 as well as in Taiwan in 2014. After engaging in more proactive business activities in China starting from the second half of this year, Ryo plans to expand its product offerings across the ASEAN markets such as Singapore and Thailand.

There is a growing interest and demand regarding hair care products for healthy, shiny hair among Chinese customers in their 20s and 30s. In particular, the scalp and hair loss care markets have high growth potential. In order to respond to those growing needs, Ryo decided to launch its premium Anti-hair loss line in China.

The Ryo Anti-hair loss line, made with precious Korean herbal medicine ingredients such as scutellaria, licorice and biota seeds, was developed through AMOREPACIFIC’s unique hair care technology that the company has developed over the past decades. It offers special anti-hair loss care for each different scalp types of customers.

Since its release in 2009, the line has been upgraded twice - today, it has a strong foothold as the bestseller product in the Korean shampoo market.

With the launch of its Anti-hair loss line, Ryo plans to actively communicate its own brand philosophy that “a healthy scalp is a key to maintaining glossy and beautiful hair.” The brand will also share the benefits of Korean herbal medicine ingredients like ginseng, as well as its findings from study on scalp and hair with Chinese customers.

Ryo will also organize a product portfolio preferred by Chinese customers based on thorough market research, and expand the distribution channels to not only hypermarkets and supermarkets but also to drugstores and premium supermarkets at department stores, in order to increase the customer contact points.

Park Yoo-hyeon, Ryo Marketing Director, AMOREPACIFIC, said, “AMOREPACIFIC’s unique approach to beauty and Korean herbal medicine technology gained through the past 70 years’ experience will lay ground to ensure the successful starting year for Ryo in China market. We will galvanize our expertise for Ryo to penetrate further into the Chinese market and spread Asian beauty across the world.”