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The first 2015 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation in Busan ends in success

CSR 2015-04-26

The 2015 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Busan, which took place in Busan Yachting Center in the morning of April 26, is hosted by the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation (Chairman Noh Dong-young) under the supervision of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) with the purpose of providing useful information about breast health and raising awareness for the importance of self-examination.

Pink Ribbon Love Marathon is a renowned program of AMOREPACIFIC Pink Ribbon Campaign designed to boost public awareness of breast cancer, which is the most common cancer in Korean women, and raise the importance of breast self-examination. Now in its 15th year, it started in Busan today and will be held in total 5 cities nationwide in relay – Daejeon in May, Gwangju in June, Daegu in September and Seoul in October. All entry fees collected will be donated to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation for financial support to breast cancer patients from low-income families for surgery and treatment and the campaign project.

The Pink Ribbon Love Marathon which was held in Busan today was a pink-tinged festival fun for everyone, thanks to support from 5,000 Busan citizens who care about the breast health of women. Officials from AMOREPACIFIC and the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation took part in the event, with Yoo Ah-in and Lim Ji-yeon – who are models for mise en scène and HANYUL – passing on donations to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation and enhancing the beauty of Pink Ribbon Campaign. 

Moreover, many brands sponsored the Pink Ribbon Campaign in agreement with the purpose of the campaign to provide useful information about breast healthcare, self-examination as well as free breast cancer consult/checkup and improve awareness of breast health, including HERA and ARITAUM, which put on various events to give participants and their family members a chance to think about the healthy beauty of women.

"Pink Ribbon Campaign was able to become a renowned campaign for the precious breast cancer of women thanks to all the support and encouragement that people from all walks of life, including Busan citizens, have provided over the last 15 years. In return for love that customers have given to AMOREPACIFIC, we will take the lead in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities for the healthy beauty of women," said Director Kim Jeong-ho in AMOREPACIFIC Growth Support Division. 

Meanwhile, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has established the first NGO for breast cancer, which is the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation, investing the whole foundation fund in 2000 in return for love from female customers, which has made it the No.1 cosmetics company in Korea. Since then, it has promoted Pink Ribbon Campaign to improve public awareness of breast health.  

Pink Ribbon Love Marathon, which is the biggest Pink Ribbon Campaign event in Korea, provides useful information about breast healthcare and donates the entry fees collected through the marathon, Matching Gift of AMOREPACIFIC and contribution from partners to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation. From 2001 to last year, a total of KRW 2.6 billion collected from 254,000 participants has been passed to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation, which was then used to pay the medical bills of 780 breast cancer patients from low-income families and host more than 700 public lecture on breast health. In this way, AMOREPACIFIC Corporation has contributed to promoting the culture of sharing.

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Outline: 2015 Pink Ribbon Love Marathon in Busan


Gather at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 26, 2015


Busan Yachting Center


Korean Breast Cancer Foundation




The Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korean Breast Cancer Society, Busan Metropolitan City Office, Haeundae-gu Office and others


HERA, ARITAUM, Facebook, Lecaf and others


10km (time recording), 5km (no time recording)

No. of participants

5,000 people


Functional T-shirt/wrist support, information leaflet and others

Entry fee

KRW 10,000 (*Entry fees collected are donated to the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation)