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AMOREPACIFIC Group affiliate PACIFIC PHARMA changes name to AESTURA

Company 2015-03-09

PACIFIC PHARMA (CEO Lim Woon-sup) changed its name to AESTURA and held a special event to celebrate it at the LA VIE D'OR Resort in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, Korea on March 6 with 300 members in attendance. AESTURA is a major affiliate of AMOREPACIFIC Group that specializes in medical beauty, referring to the combination of medicine and cosmetics.

Derived from the word Estuary, which means a fertile delta, the name AESTURA represents its vocation to build the medical beauty business borne from a combination of cosmetics and medicine and in doing so, contribute to healthy beauty around the world. Plus, it also encapsulates the vision of breaking with the traditional notion of medicine-oriented pharmaceuticals and blazes a trail to give every customer the benefit of healthy beauty.  

AESTURA has, since 2011, pushed ahead with management innovation to become a medical beauty specialist. It offers beauty solutions implemented through innovative technology with the help of experts in hospitals and clinics across five core business areas – anti-aging, cosmeceutical, weight control, hair and dermatological medicine – by focusing on medical aesthetics and derma-care for hospitals and clinics. Its main brands include the medical beauty cosmetics brand AESTURA, the high-concentrate HA filter brand Cleviel and the cosmetic surgical device INNOjector.

Building on the new corporate name, AESTURA plans to work toward becoming a medical beauty brand company that represents Asia. "AESTURA is a medical beauty leader exploring new opportunities. We will foster our filler product Cleviel and derma-care brand AESTURA to become Asia champion brands in order to achieve our vision of becoming a medical beauty champion in Asia by the year 2020," said CEO Lim Woon-sup.

With the change of corporate name, AESTURA has announced a new corporate logo in Korean and English. Its English logo and symbol visualize the fertile estuary and the philosophy embodied in the corporate name of AESTURA.