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AMOREPACIFIC Corporation signs MOU with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital for the development of an anti-aging solution

R&D 2015-02-24

AMOREPACIFIC Corporation (CEO Sim Sang-bae) signed an MOU with Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (Director Lee Cheol-hui) on February 23 (yesterday) for research underlying development of anti-aging solution. On the day of the MOU signing ceremony held at the main conference room, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Sim Sang-bae, CEO of AMOREPACIFIC, Han Sang-hun, the Director of R&D Center, Lee Cheol-hui, the Director of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Lee Jae-seo, the Dean of External Affairs and other principal persons concerned came to attend.

This MOU marks the increasing focus by AMOREPACIFIC Corporation and Seoul National University Bundang Hospital on △ joint research in science, technology, medical and healthcare fields, △ joint research and development of anti-aging solution in response to population aging, △ exchange and training of researchers, △ joint use of facilities, equipment and space and △ joint use of academic and technological information, support and joint research in fields interested.

Both parties will work on planning healthy, functional food for seniors and research into ▲ insulin resistance syndrome, ▲ musculoskeletal activation, ▲ cancer prevention, ▲ revitalization and ▲ mental care in preparation for aging society.

In addition, both parties agreed to collaborate with each other to develop a senior care business model for the health and welfare of the public and special solution for mental and physical stability in association with VB, a beauty food brand of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation.

"Population aging has begun and we now need considerable amount of investment on research improve public health and welfare. With this MOU behind us, we will provide full cooperation in research and development for well-ageing of the public," said Sim Sang-bae, CEO of AMOREPACIFIC Corporation.