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AmorePacific launches Greencycle Campaign to participate in Seoul Lantern Festival 2014

CSR 2014-11-07

AmorePacific (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) will launch “Greencycle” as an eco-friendly corporate social responsibility campaign in its Korea office at Cheonggyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea, from November 7 to 23 (Sunday) to participate in the “Seoul Lantern Festival 2014.”

The Greencycle Campaign is an eco-friendly corporate social responsibility campaign of AmorePacific, which is a company that is not new in the field of diverse campaigns under this advocacy. The campaign includes collecting empty bottles and, upcycling and recycling of empty cosmetics bottles.

AmorePacific will be participating in the “Seoul Lantern Festival 2014” through the Greencycle Campaign. It will light 3D artworks in the area between Samil Bridge, including the Signature Tower on Cheonggyecheon-ro in Jung-gu, Seoul, where its Korea office is located, and Jangtong Bridge from 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. every day from November 7 to 23 (Sunday) to further brighten up the festival. At the festival site, 3D artworks of the Pink Ribbon Campaign made of empty cosmetics bottles of various AmorePacific brands, Greencycle emblem 3D artworks and about 1,000 empty bottles will be hung on trees and exhibited. The exhibited Pink Ribbon 3D artworks were showcased earlier to about 10,000 people in the photo zone of the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Seoul 2014 that was held last October.

Furthermore, AmorePacific will manage diverse hands-on interactive booths in addition to the exhibition. Diverse eco-friendly thematic programs, such as making empty bottle flower pots and aromatic candles and activities to experience Primera and Aritaum brands leading eco-friendly activities, will be held to actively communicate with the public. 

For more information on the Greencycle Campaign and events, check the AmorePacific corporate social responsibility portal (Web version:, mobile version: The corporate social responsibility portal will also hold special events during the Seoul Lantern Festival 2014 to commemorate over 500,000 visitors to the site. 

After the festival ends, the artworks exhibited during the Seoul Lantern Festival 2014 will be permanently displayed in the Glass Island Museum in Ansan to deliver the message of creating sustainable environmental value of the Greencycle Campaign.

As such, AmorePacifc aims to continue steadily working hard to create a world wherein nature, people and companies beautifully coexist.