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AmorePacific successfully holds Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Seoul 2014!

CSR 2014-10-19

“Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Seoul 2014,” organized by AmorePacific (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) and hosted by the Korean Breast Cancer Foundation (CEO Dong Yeong Noh), to raise the awareness of the importance of self-examination and provide useful information on breast health, was successfully held in the morning of October 19 (today) at the Yeouido Park.

The “Pink Ribbon Love Marathon” is a representative event of the AmorePacific Pink Ribbon Campaign held throughout the year to raise awareness on the importance of breast health and breast cancer management, which is one of the most common cancer types suffered by Korean women. The festival in Seoul, Korea’s largest Pink Ribbon festival, successfully ended today after having filled Yeouido, with pink ribbons in the morning together with about 10,000 civilians in commemoration of “October, the Month of Breast Health.”

In particular, not only staff of the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation and AmorePacific, but also So Young Ko, IOPE’s exclusive model, participated in the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon Seoul, adding glow to the event. Not only women, but also members of their families who value the importance of women’s breast health all participated in the “Watching, enjoying, and sharing festival” drawing in much attention.

The event exhibited some impressive artworks such as large pink ribbon 3-D artworks made of empty cosmetics bottles as part of AmorePacific’s Greencycle Campaign and the Pink Ribbon artworks created by Professor Seung Min Kim of Duksung Women’s University. The event also offers the Pink Ribbon magic show and other entertaining programs for the participants to enjoy while they can also recieve free breast health check-up and breast cancer consultation at the booths of various brands sponsoring the Pink Ribbon Campaign such as HERA, Aritaum, Facebook, and Kumho Tires.

As such, it was a meaningful time to realize once more the health and beauty of women together with their families.

“In its 14th year this year, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon has become a festival that values women’s breast health for everyone, thanks not only to the public who joined the event with interest to promote a healthy sharing culture, but also to the devoted doctors, patients, sponsors, and various strata members of our society,” said Director Jeong Ho Kim of AmorePacific Group’s Growth Support Division “AmorePacific is a company that has been endeared by customers for a long time, and we will continue to lead corporate social responsibility activities for women’s health and beauty as well as play our dutiful role in the society as members of the company by launching heartfelt campaigns.”

Meanwhile, AmorePacific provided the entire funding to establish the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation in 2000. It is Korea’s first nonprofit breast health promotion organization established by AmorePacific to give back the love it has received from its female consumers, which led to its development into Korea’s top cosmetics company. The foundation has worked on the Pink Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness on breast health.

In particular, the Pink Ribbon Love Marathon, Korea’s largest Pink Ribbon Campaign event, has not only provided useful information on breast health management, but has also donated to the foundation the entire amount of participation fees that it has collected for the event, as well as providing AmorePacific’s matching gift and sponsors’ donations. As such, it delivered to the foundation a total amount of over KRW 2.6 billion collected from 240,000 participants from 2001 until 2013. As a result, the foundation is supporting the surgery and treatment cost of about 760 low-income breast cancer patients as of today. It has also supported almost 700 public lectures on breast health, thus contributing to the spread of a healthy sharing culture.

For details, check the AmorePacific corporate social responsibility portal (