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2012 AMOREPACIFIC Business Policy to Become an Evergreen Company Beloved by Customers - “Thorough Preparation“

Company 2012-01-09

To become an evergreen company beloved by customers in 2012, AMOREPACIFIC Co., Ltd. (President and CEO, Kyung-Bae Suh) is defining ‘product innovation’, ‘customized experience innovation’, ‘interactive communication’, ‘creating growth markets’ and ‘smart working’ as action plans and aims to achieve its business goals and visions through ‘thorough preparation’ in each business area.

Through this, AMOREPACIFIC will speed up the process of becoming a young and green company, with the value of challenge and innovation, to realize its goal of becoming an Asian Beauty Creator that delivers the essence of Asian Beauty to the world this year.

Product Innovation
AMOREPACIFIC will innovate its products and brands in every business area.

The company will also focus on developing innovative products that contain the deep wisdom of Asia by innovating products and designs and developing specialty products  by each channel as well as promoting sustainable product lines in each brand in order to intensify its marketing campaigns.

In the area of R&D, the company will strive to develop the industry’s first and most innovative technology by focusing on biotechnology, smart and green research projects. The company will identify the essence of Korean Beauty, namely the K-Beauty, and attain a competitive edge in the area of R&D by working continuously to establish a network with global experts. The company also aims to increase the productivity of its creative research projects by strengthening the strategic link between fundamental/applied research projects and its actual products. In addition to this, the company will ensure the sustainability of raw materials in order to be a customer/environment/society-friendly company.

For Supply Chain Management (SCM), the company is planning to realize optimal quality control by setting global quality standards and customer-safe manufacturing processes. By establishing an integrated purchase platform, the company will also strengthen its network with its partners.

Customized Experience
AMOREPACIFIC will maintain a close relationship with its customers by innovating a customized experience and achieving service differentiation.

The company will increase its competitiveness by providing a differentiated experience and services to customers who visit AMOREPACIFIC’s multi-brand shop Aritaum and will provide customers with unique purchasing experience by strengthening the expertise of its sales force through the customized version of the existing Sales Stimulation & Enhancement Program (SSEP).

The company will also enhance its Customer Equity Management (CEM) based on lifecycle of customers by intensifying counseling customization and overhauling its programs for VIPs.

Interactive Communication
AMOREPACIFIC will create a variety of interactive communication channels with its customers, through its own initiative.

The company will also create a more engaging narrative by connecting its brands and contents with customer lifestyle, and share common ground with its customers through media and communication channels that are optimized for each brand. In addition, the company will maintain contact with its customers via social networking sites such as Facebook, and satisfy a variety of customer segments with newly developed media. 
Finally, the company will pursue a variety of communication modes for each brand by promoting a feature that integrates online and in-person communications.

Creating Growth Markets
In 2012, AMOREPACIFIC will continue to deliver the value of Asian Beauty to the rest of the world by creating new market segments.

To achieve this goal, the company will first establish a global CEM platform based on an analysis of its global customer base. The company will focus on analyzing its Asian customer base to identify regional needs and gain insights such as skin profiles, skincare and makeup practices, as well as product feedback. Moreover, the company will increase its accessibility to global customers by strengthening online channels such as the AMOREPACIFIC online shopping mall, expanding its duty-free business and securing a growth base.

AMOREPACIFIC has become the first Korean company to obtain door-to-door cosmetic sales right in Shanghai, China on December 2010, and has spent a year to build a service center for the region. With these efforts, the company will commence door-to-door sales in full force in China from 2012 and onward. Based on preliminary research on Chinese consumers and person-to-person sales market analysis, the company is confident it will gain competitiveness in this market in China. For this reason, the company expects to achieve remarkable growth in the Chinese market this year by increasing accessibility through varied brands and distribution channels.

 In addition, AMOREPACIFIC will optimize its global production sites to meet the needs of global customers.The company will do its best to design and install a new manufacturing site within its manufacturing & research center in Shanghai, China, which will be completed in March 2013 and will standardize the global supply and demand process. Establishing an overseas partner network and selecting local suppliers are parts of this plan.

Furthermore, the company will drive global growth by realizing a key city penetration strategy for each region and enhance its global business capabilities by maintaining a sustainable global business system.

Smart Working
AMOREPACIFIC will introduce the smart work system to foster a work environment that promotes agility. The flexible working hour system, which was partially introduced last year, will be established overall in 2012.  The company policy will include ways to consider work-style of employees.

In addition, to maintain close communication and cooperation system between headquarter and overseas subsidiaries, the company will continue to promote the corporate culture, ‘Globally One, AMOREPACIFIC’. In addition, the company's global job training programs will be systematically organized and local residents will be hired to increase its competence on foreign soil, as part of realizing a global and mobile work system.