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2011 AMOREPACIFIC Management Policy 'Creating Growth Markets'

Company 2011-01-13

For the Year of the Rabbit, 2011, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (CEO Suh Kyung-bae) is operating under the management policy ‘Creating Growth Markets.’ The specific strategies are: reinforcing executive power in the Asian market, strengthening communication with customers, and sustainable management.


True to its calling, AMOREPACIFIC is devoted to bringing the essence of Asian beauty to the world as an “Asian Beauty Creator,” and achieving sustainable growth through internalizing of global enterprise competency and expanding executive power both domestically and globally.


** Strengthening executive power in the Asian market 
- Achieving Asian Beauty Creator status through business expansion in China and targeting of global hub-cities
Thanks to door-to-door sales authorization and the confirmed launch of the Sulwhasoo brand in China, AMOREPACIFIC expects remarkable growth in the Asian market again this year. In addition, the company plans to promote the executive power of global enterprise through focusing on the world’s major hub-cities by region.


AMOREPACIFIC is strengthening its research competency and limitless search for Asian beauty through "MIZIUM” — the second research institute, opened in September 2010 — and plans to provide the global market with an optimized production supply system through Osan SCM (production and logistics), scheduled to be completed in the latter half of the year.


To be strategic and agile in its utilization of global market opportunities, the company plans to intensify global infrastructure implementation and global workforce development, including increasing cooperation between headquarters and overseas operations.


** Strengthening communication with customers 
- R&D Strengthening that reflects global customer needs and sales strategy objectives focused on interactive communication 
AMOREPACIFIC will put its heart and soul into communication with customers, including the gathering of global customer insight and implementation of the customer experience management (CEM) platform. Moreover, the company plans to carry out research on the complexions of Asian customers and related product development focused on China, under the policy intensifying R&D competitiveness through communication with Asian customers; it also intends to enhance quality and design through detailed communication with Asian customers.


Especially for ARITAUM, the company will scientifically analyze the life cycle traffic and shopping trend of customers so as to apply and improve the space design, the one-on-one tailored beauty solution, and the brand lineup based on customer experience: which will lead to strengthening its identity of a beauty space for customer communication
Also, the company is determined to solidify its position as the market leader of door-to-door sales, alongside customer loyalty improvement through interactive communication and provision of customer-tailored consultation.


AMOREPACIFIC will also concentrate on finding new channels while leading innovation in distribution channel. On its existing channel, the company will promote activities to solidify customer relationships and spare no effort in establishing new distribution channel, which would emerge in the future.


** Sustainable Management
- Pursue mutual growth with society as a corporate citizen and ensure green management expansion -> Ensure green management expansion and pursue mutual growth with society as a corporate citizen 
AMOREPACIFIC was included in DJSI World for the first time in the domestic beauty and health industry in the “Dow-Jones Sustainability Index in November 2010 and 2011” evaluation, and was selected as regional index “DJSI Asia/Pacific” as well as the national index “DJSI Korea.”  Most notably, the company has made its mark as a rising leader in the beauty and health industry by being selected as a World Leader in the field of personal products, which are composed of cosmetics and daily commodities.


In 2011, AMOREPACIFIC plans to promote sustainability through sustainable products, green technology development, and green management reinforcement. The company will extend its global green management by improving greenhouse gas reduction in all processes, from production to distribution and waste management. These initiatives stem from the company’s unwavering commitment to ensuring a beautiful environment for the world and progressing as a responsible corporate citizen with business partners and employees through CSR activities and family-friendly management to realize growth with cooperative partners.


All employees of AMOREPACIFIC are committed to ensuring the company gains ever-increasing customer satisfaction and global recognition in 2011.